WildStar Gameplay: Level 40 Granok Warrior (Malgrave)

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This video shows a level 40 Granok Warrior (DPS specced) doing some questing in a zone called “Malgrave”. The purpose of this video is to show what normal combat looks like while doing quests in the open world as a solo player.



Moes AL says:

is this like world of warcraft ???

2veki says:

I still prefer GW2 or even TERA… this doesn’t look like anything new,
only graphical design, but that doesn’t make an MMORPG more interesting
then others lol

thrillerswithbananas says:

now you know that character is to big to be on that little ass hover bored 

charter45 says:

this looks much worse than the trailer xd

zezba9000 says:

idk, playing as a cartoon never interested me in MMOs. One of the reasons
I never liked WOW. Really wish NCSOFT would have brought Blade & Soul to
the US.

Toxoplasma Gondii says:

Looks like shit and poop.

Tristan Begin says:

I don’t understand how people can call ESO’s combat bad and then come play
this generic garbage..

Doggie Powers says:

this game looks like wow

MrMilkyCoco says:

so Im guessing the gameplay is similar to guild wars 2?

diggoryx says:

Note to self: Never read the comments section on MMO related videos.

DI4M0ND/--YouTube says:

They shoot off city of heroes for this bullshit?

Moslin says:

thanks for the video now i know not to waste my time with this game doesnt
look any better than guild wars 2, world of warcraft, the elder scrolls
online or star wars the old republic. If i want boring mmo gameplay ill
just log my rogue on wow again.

Hells Malice says:

Looks pretty bland and boring. Very un-engaging combat.

Ozymandias says:

Garen is that you?

Anthony Blank says:

In that case WoW is an everquest clone. Either way… Who gives a shit.
Play the game if you like it. If not maybe spend time looking for a game
you do like and not time ruining other peoples idea of fun. 

failcom87 says:

about as next-gen as runescape..next plz! 


remake of Dota 2 I though it be something new but was wrong again. Seems
that only small Indie developers are capable of creating games that are
actually new and unseen…… so sad

herogamer555 says:

Okay, despite how you feel about the game can we all just agree that
hoverboards are fucking awesome?

andrei Olteanu says:

i personally am in love with this game and i plan to continue playing after
my first month of playtime runs out! 

DapGros .Nez says:

Copy and past from WoW, how ppl can play this shit egh.

bobby ander says:

go play wow

telamindel says:

Every attempt at copying WoW is pathetic. As pathetic as WoW is itself. WoW
is the most overrated MMO ever made targeted at fat americans and little
kids. Game has no depth or deep tactics and strategy. It’s shit.

Corey Engdahl says:

Holy shit, this was boring to watch!

HuntADoo says:

You are doing like the same rotation over and over gain while barely doing
anything else.

pupsi nuss says:

wow what a shitgame

nunya businezz says:

what’s with the draenei warrior?

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