Wildstar – Gameplay

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Name: Wildstar
Release date: To Be Announced
Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): NCsoft
Developer(s): Carbine Studios


Mighty Roogna says:

What is this? 2002?

sebaba001 says:

Is it only guns or are there different characters? I feel I’d only really
like melee in this game.

joselfian ProudLight says:

What a shitty game… looks just like WOW… but 10 years later… 0 %

The Duki HD says:

Wildstar looks epic but I dont know if its gonna be like WoW were you need
to pay every month to play.

Atakan Ozel says:

Looks like torchlight with online sup

randy bailey says:

why you want beta when the game is out..

okdanhe says:

looks like and other big enemy stands still when we dps the shit out of it
kinda game

1phoe1 says:

OMG this is more worst than i tought first. LOL. Playerbase is max 9 year
old kids? LOL. It looks like a bad cartoon crap, and …. like wow? no. its
just a piece of shit lol. all Wildstar lovers should try hello kitty online
too. they would like it ROFL. 

TheNoobtuberr says:

This game is so awesome 😀 Made me cancel my wow sub

Mariana Ferreira says:

I want to play WildStar.
where do I get the key game?

Patryk Bernasiewicz says:

I was soooo eager to play the game, but once I saw this gameplay…

randy bailey says:

i want to play this so bad ,,,is it point and click tho?buying a pc to play
this cant wait to play this game…

Menegroth1 says:

It should be right that someone mention that gameplay has changed radically
since this video from 2011

Sprookn says:

Looks amazing, but no Oceanic servers will probably mean I won’t be

Gary Crowther says:

omg it’s not the mmo I play it must automatically be shit

Heroes Charge says:


GoRe Psyco says:

nobody have a beta key for me ?

daqqer2k says:

Played it 3 days now. Not impressed. One thing i like is the AoE all
characters draw on the ground. Especailly in the PvP. Makes the game so
much more challenging than other MMORPGs. And the fact that you cant
TAB-target-lock things, you really have to aim every hit. Thats
improvement. (y)

Hightower2804TP says:

wonderful artstyle

Mariana Ferreira says:

when will launch open beta?

isma Ing says:

this f piece of sh it is the reason why blade and soul eu vercion is late?
ARE U F-U-K-I-N-G WASGEGSDXVSAfAQWFG f clowns stop make sh it games and
finish blade and soul mother fu ckers

Sasha Tarchenko says:


Yukino Takada says:

Not my type, free or pay doesn’t matter

Doe John says:

yaay another shitty p2p mmo, no thanks

stam stam says:

I believe that in less than a year it will be free-to-play just like rift
and other mmo’s

TheSuperdankmaster says:

played wow from the start and since wrath ended i been trying to find a new
game. all the mmos in the past i have tried.. rift, aion, swtor, gw2, etc.
this game is the only one since that i am actually excited for. and for the
people that say it looks like a “wow clone” wow took the aspects of mmos
before it and enhance everything. also, this video is so old gameplay wise.
coming from playing beta, this game is the shit..

Stiggers Nink says:

Fuck this game

Ulas Adiguzel says:

free2play NOOOO :(

Yukino Takada says:

Not my type, free or pay doesn’t matter

Cute is justice Cute is victory says:

this game has changed drastically!
i don’t even recognize it anymore 

dark3rthanshadows says:

i gonna w8 be free2play

Lars Martin Eriksen says:

A message to the uploader of this video, this game will come for PC and
Mac, aswell as PS4 and Xbox One, just so you know :)

Guilherme Vitorino says:

really? 2014 and target mmo ? that sucks…

stupidreligionz says:

i dont like shooting. especially with guns.
btw fuck this stupid youtube comment system. cant see best comments
anymore, cant thump up a comment if its too “old”. where is the fucking
freedom you morons. motherfuckers.

LightYagami100000 says:

Hey, I have a question since you played the beta. Is the world open or is
it like GW2 where you have 100 instanced “open” areas separated by loading
screens? In other words, can you seemingly fly or walk from 1 side to the
other without loading screens ?

Darlake says:

From what i see the game doesn’t have any pre-order button on the website.

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