Wildstar Impressions ► Level 1-49 ► Is Wildstar Just Another WoW Clone?

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What is Wildstar all about?! What is the big draw about this game. What does it do well, what does it do poorly. Who knows. I do.

I got a big revelation to share about why I think Wildstar is THE mmo to watch this 2014.

My name is Fevir. I am a future Wildstar junkie.

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Fevir says:

My take on the game after leveling to just under the leveling cap. This
game gonna be big.

nymx says:

dude ur retarded u bashed the game for being crap and then at the end u
like it wtf?

arachnophilegrrl says:

Is it really any good for someone who wants to mostly solo?

iKickz says:

. . . How sad ncsoft thinks we wanted this pile of shit instead of bns.

Kwame Flage says:

if whimsical turns you off then why in the world are you playing an rpg?
Whimsical or ‘out of this world’ is KINDA the point. Thats like me saying i
hate fiction but read machismo detective noir (that is fiction)

brandon Johnson says:

This does not come from personal experience, but people play MMO’s solo
because they fear getting flamed from asshats. This has never been more
evident during the wow years. I personally miss the EQ days, flaming would
not happen. Maybe w/ Wildstar, it can tone down the asshats.

Sirius Black says:

3 minutes in, i’ve decided to not even try it… i already hate WoW because
it’s a bland boring game with a very generic story, very repetitive quest
mechanics, and a ton of grinding, and the impression this gives me is that
wildstar is even worse, on the other hand, the small dark souls factor is
good, but i still feel the rest of the game would be so frustratingly
boring i would stop well before i got there (10 minutes) i DO play MMO’s
mainly solo, but here’s why that’s generally the reason i STOP playing
i’d be playing, and then i’d get bored playing solo, so i start talking to
some people, make some friends, and then for whatever reason i don’t have
time to play for a little while, and then i’d feel bad about disappearing
and then i just never log in again

also, i do feel the bosses should really have the power and difficulty to
not only wreck you easily, but rather your entire party, otherwise it just
takes a long time, and there’s no real difficulty then

slannmage says:

Bored of this “you have to get this level or play for this long before you
can have an opinion”…… like no, if it is shit to start with, I wont
play for longer than 10 mins if I’m not having fun.

Make these games fun from the very start. I’m sick of tutorials, I know how
to play games, I’m sick of boring quests and all that shit.

Just give me a sandbox world I can do what I want in.

Gk Kk says:

is wildstar pay2play or is it buy once and play forever

baal blade says:

Not to direct at anyone but in general, if it take you to END GAME to know
if a game good or bad, then you are a retard, a moron, stop play game, and
need to back to the box. Why? because you already fell for for the
marketing stand point, wasting money, wasting time that could be used to
play something better, and worse you fully fed bad developers with your
wallet. “but but you need to play it more then you will understand how good
it is, it’s an just excuse” Every bad whine will taste like nectar after a
few drinks.

It’s like if you already finish shitty food, why bother complain it’s bad.

This game is just plain horrible, generic as hell. Everything you see in it
already being done in other online games, and this is come from Angry Joe.

If you want to play challenging game that punish mistake, go back and play
caveman Everquest. Or play “I wanna be the guy”

People play game for relaxing and fun, not to rip their hair out and smash
keyboard in half.

Lord Marcus says:

Say “fuck” again pls.

SoCalAries says:

GW2 is still way better than these new MMO’s that came after it.

Tiffany Adkins says:

I tried the beta for awhile and honestly so far I find the game to be
boring. At least on the bad guy side anyway. I haven’t tried the good side
yet. The quests are extremely boring. A few for example; kneeling down in
front of statues. Asking people to sing in a choir. Killing holograms…?
Yeah I’m not sure how that works either.

And I been told the game doesn’t open up until you are lv 30 or so. I don’t
think I’m going to even be able to make it that far, because it feels like
a chore. And I don’t know if its me just being bias or whatever, but I
liked doing quests in WoW. So.. I don’t know, lmao.

On the plus side; the game looks really well polish and the music blew me
away. I also enjoy the voice acting. And it amazes me.. that an MMO finally
lets you interact with the environment. It’s pretty sad that I’m excited to
be able to sit in a chair.

But in the end I can’t bring myself to spend money monthly on this game.
And I haven’t played WoW in a year or two so.. this has nothing to do with
it, lol. I feel like I should be able to buy a game and play it whenever I
want. In the end you start feeling like you’re being forced to invest more
time playing a game, because you’re paying for it. This is also why I
canceled my Xbox Live. 

swedish gaming says:

How the fuck can people call shit like this wow clone?

Luke S. says:

I love how everyone is tripping balls over the whole “telegraph” thing as
if it’s the new hotness.. Guild Wars 2 has the exact same thing but without
visuals on the ground. You actually have to watch for tells from the boss
and learn how to react.

isocryd says:

The boss fights sound exactly the same as in Dead Island: Epidemic, and
that game doesn’t cost you $60 or a subscription fee…

Maximus Neo says:

actually first impression from wildstar for me is the graphics , makes me
feel like back to SUPER MARIO 3D during nintendo 64. or Zelda. So i think i
will play Blade and soul, downloading now. its much beautiful.

kxmode says:

Everything was going great in your video. You presented the information in
a very professional manner. Then at 6:30 NUCLEAR F-BOMBS happened! 😮 …
Some of us actually don’t like to hear those words. It cheapens the
listening experience and turns what sounds like a very professional review
into something from the ghetto… :-/


I always missed the Oldschool WoW PvE. Thats why i am going to play this

ZekeMagnum says:

so the only thing i hear about this game is how dead it became after a
month… true??

dawgyv72 says:

The problem is in the gaming-community and people like you Fevir that
justify terrible experiences during the early game. You guys make it seem
like it’s okay to be terrible and it’s forgivable to have bland early
levels. I pay as much attention to those who have only played 10 levels to
those who have played 50 levels. Developers have realized this whole “It
gets better end-game” mentality and feed on it because it’s easy and cheap
to skip the beginning part.

Vieri V. says:

If wildstar doesn’t bring anything new to the table on your opinion then
wtf can you do as a game developer to make something new? Massive dildos
that spit semen and shit that makes everyone dance?

山岡アンドリュー says:

Man… This definitely made me want to play it… I miss the days when MMOs
were actually fun and you felt accomplished for doing things. Feeling
shitty makes feeling good that much better. Challenge makes success that
much more satisfying. You can’t have one without the other… And it’s the
only way to keep the games fun as well as make it feel like you are
actually achieving things and there’s a point in doing what you’re doing
rather than for the sake of doing it.

I really might have to try this game out.

Clack Barto says:

Is there problems with lag? Like in ESO i move out of a mobs AoE but still
get hit cause of lag. (I’m from australia if anyone is wondering.)

Science the Pony says:

Ah reminds of the good old days of vanilla wow, how I’ve missed it! And I
know many more of us who where also excited for Wildstar as it brings those
feelings back, of having to work for everything! Sadly between this and
Archeage I’m only sinking my time and money into one of them.

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