WildStar – Stalker – Overview/Gameplay #1

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Kid-Lee takes a look at the Stalker class in the new MMO WildStar. This video features a look at combat and general gameplay.

Stalker – Overview/Gameplay #2

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Kid Lee says:

Stalker – Overview/Gameplay #2 is now posted.
WildStar – Stalker – Overview/Gameplay #2

Takashi Kenichi says:

hmm im playing on Ultra graphics but it dont look this sexy <_<

Bálint Ujvári says:

you speak too slowly, fyi , good video otherwise

Dr. I cure you with my Kukri says:

I’m really enjoying these class overview videos, cheers for making them.

Michael Thompson says:

That class looks awsome lol. Got yourself another sub. Hopefully u can
assist me if I play this gsme…

How much does it cost any way?

misterblort says:

Cool introsong :)

5upernova says:

Nice guide, thanks!

Isaac Gondel says:

Ummm you said both stats are for tank was the 1st one for dps?

Jake Taz says:

Damn! this look sooo beast

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