WildStar: Stalker vs Esper [Level 50 Duels]

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For the last level 50 duel before the Head Start I found a dps spec’d Esper willing to duel me! Please note that this was the first time I got to duel an Esper and my opponent to duel me. This was recorded during the Ops Week. Please note that neither of us were PvP geared.

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Duel 1

Duel 2

Duel 3

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The game takes place in a fictional universe on the recently discovered planet of Nexus. The planet, once inhabited by a hyper-advanced race of aliens known as The Eldan who has all but disappeared, is fought over by two factions both hoping to control the concealed lost technology of Nexus; The Dominion, an intergalactic empire which decides that the planet belongs to them, and that it should be explored to discover the lost technology, and The Exiles, a group of refugees and outlaws who have all been driven from their respective homelands by The Dominion and have joined forces to fight them.

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knil hood says:

what on earth happened on first duel u got totaly destroyed .*. like almost
1 hit 80% hp .*. what happened ? (really i would like to know i don’t get
to see and i don’t know esper class).

Njoy32Gaming says:

waiting for 2 preparation in stealth is lame, might as well just loose like
a man and start a new duel

MrDolanduck says:

More duels! subbed

esquire eventrade says:

That esper bird move, (Mind Burst?) hits like a truck. wtf? Regardless,
think I am still going to roll a stalker. I like the play style.

Jack Warner says:

Damnit still can’t decide between SS, Warrior or Esper!

lilmagi says:

For not running a 1v1 build, that Esper impressed me with the first duel.
That or your inexperience with mind burst. :P

RotaryBuddha says:

Mind sharing your build? http://ws-base.com/

Nenad Jelic says:

Hmmm..thought of rolling a stalker my self..as i did in beta..truly a
glorious class to choose…but srsly…90% people i saw were
stalkers…unfortunately …makes me feel weird..and i know that it wont
get me fast spots in dungeons raids etc. ..and regardless of that…think
that i will roll an Esper or Medic :))) ANYWAYS!
name is “CREATION” on EU servers 🙂 add me up on launch! :)

TheBulbasir says:

Can you do some fights Vs Warriors D:? I’m thinking of making one but I’m
not sure how they perform in PvP and you’re the only youtuber that does
decent wildstar videos! Keep it up :D

Moco Deedo says:

Btw are you Exile? if you are which realm? and WHERE DO U DUEL?! NO Thayd
is so lame no one duels and its dark and shit. im new to dis game and lvl
25 idk where to duel people.

ApprenticeBlacksmith says:

Nice duels! Few questions: What is the C on top of you everytime you heal?
Is it stalker ability or something else? I am planning to make Stalker just
because of wpvp and pvp (style fits for me). Does stalker have any heals
other than the aoe dmg that you get at low lvl (does dmg and heal% of dmg
and can be used second time to do instant dmg + %heal.) I didn’t want to
play too far in betas because I wanna enjoy the gameplay with character
that does not get wiped.

Abel Kuran says:

I’ve always wanted to see a stalker vs esper duel. Ironically,I’m still
stuck on which one I want to main. They both seem pretty awesome. And

layesse1 says:

why dont you open up with impale?
impale>stun>stealth> impale? would have made the fight much much easier
for u

Shadeo7 says:

hey, ive got a question… why does your stealth not break when you get
hit? is it a spell or something?
thanks in advance :)

Mees Bavinck says:

I have a bit of a general question, nothing to do with pvp really, but if i
were to level with a friend and he was to create a human and i was to
create a granok, would we get split up and would we have to level solo for
a long time or can we just level together from the start?

Patryk Romanowski says:

Great video! Really like the way you playing, with all of those evades &
ninja tricks. Anyway, looks like espers can do no move and still be
dangerous…. weird ;x

Thumbs up for you! : }

Devin Mullen says:

How did you make your intro?

JokerzKrew says:

Honestly the stalker lost like 5 times but kept going invis like a pansy.
Hate stealth classes 

SleepyTigerzTV says:

Love the videos you put out! 🙂 What faction will you be maining at launch?

Knick Knack says:

Esper wins
Rikudou you play like a noob you better play wow

Daren Morris says:

i love the stalker cant wait to raid an pvp at max lvl,no alts planed yet.

pkload says:

Too many stalkers in the game would hurt it…memories of wow vanilla gank
gank gank

Henry Medina says:

nice duel :)…. man I have to learn from you :D

Phasetwist says:

is this after the nerfs?

if so, what do you think of the nerfs?

JabborWacky says:

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I ended up boring myself to death at the
lower levels. Advice for anyone playing this game: Do not try to run
multiple characters when starting out. Research a class and stick with it.
The game doesn’t really start to shine until post level 20.

MsDJ619 says:

pvp is bad, stalker cant do any damage on that esper but the esper does ton
of damage. that dosent make any sense

Ben Jas says:

stalker seems a Little op cause that damage

blackboy424 says:

I guess that espers gear carried…that was a poor display lol 🙂 KB
turning spam TKS in a 1v1 against a stalker…you did a damn good job
circle strafing him. He/She was pretty bad though…

Emil Wiklund says:

That bird looks like it needs to be fixed :P

noalei says:

I just don’t know why the esper never tossed a few heals on herself when
you ran :(

flyingVesp says:

Stalkers ….high damage, low cooldowns , a pretty neat heal, ability to
get out of combat and restealth, a long range attack..hmmm there;s going to
be a lot of stalpeople with Stalker mains,
Hope it doesn’t upset the game.
Can see a lot pf people complaining and the class getting a nerf in the
first patch :P

Dave Block says:

Only some hours till release!!!! 😀 Or head start <3

MrBunzy12 says:

that esper was so bad, he shouldn’t of beat you at all if you stayed close
to him he wouldn’t of been able to hardly hit you.

7oast26 says:

Either the esper is OP or the stalker is UP… he beat you twice in the
first minute and a half and so easily… 

marcoswillianl says:

wtf was that 2 million damage 0:36 ???

Will Hoey says:

servers pls

DabigBM says:

Fuck stalker is a bitch

Hyou Vizer says:

PvP has a very GW2 vibe

yet he dungeons it’s more like the good old non-broken as fuck days of WoW
and i say that as a compliment compared to the shit it is today 

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