Wildstar – Stormtalon’s Lair Dungeon Run (Part 1)

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For the chance to win a BETA key for Wildstar open this description and follow the steps. We’ll be picking all of these at random so good luck! 😀


1. Let us know your favourite quote from this video in the comments section below.
2. http://ctt.ec/Z2up4 (Click to tweet us that you want to win)

The giveaway is verified by Carbine: http://www.wildstar-online.com/uk/news/more_community_beta_key_giveaways.php :3

Kaeyi’s channel – http://www.youtube.com/kaeyidream
Hannah’s channel – http://www.youtube.com/yogscast2
Sjin’s channel – http://www.youtube.com/yogscastsjin
Duncan’s channel – http://www.youtube.com/yogscastlalna

“WildStar™ infuses amazing stylized art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on a wondrous alien world, WildStar delivers a wild and mysterious adventure among the ruins of an advanced civilization – allowing you to play the way you want to play while experiencing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery!”

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Chris Manning says:

Whoever the girl is talking at 1:17 has the most shrilly voice I think I
have ever heard and yet she talks SO much through out both videos…
Literally gave me a headache and I couldn’t finish the videos…

TreeFolkDruid says:

how much ingame money does the gametime cost?

リッツィジャンク says:

AAAA I Want this game NOW!!! <3 in love, I just adore these graphics OwO

Dynamic League says:

Seems like people either completely hate this game or love it.

Sam Fidge says:

Wildstar is the next world of warcraft.

wandererslegion says:

“As a tank you don’t need to worry were you stand in wow” guys, please, do
you really believe that?or is it just for Wildstar promotion purposes?

gregsmw says:

this game looks like it could be fun bu there is no way im paying a
subscription for it
cant stand subscription models

YOGSCAST Martyn says:

For a chance to win a BETA key check the description!

Ivory Samoan says:

I want to like this game a lot… but something holds me back.

JML689 says:

dungeons look alot better designed in comparison to GW2

Cameron Cooper says:

Oh look its another WoW re-skin! 

Kris Reynante says:

I wish I can play with you guys

Tomaž Potočki says:

give us fucking blade&soul already

BLOODBATH9998 says:

i agree i think her voice is quite annoying also but thats not an insult.

Chan's World says:

How come Kaeyi is the only one who seems to know what they’re doing? :P

Sgt Riley says:

Has anyone noticed the Wildstar UI is pretty much a rip off of SWTOR UI
just placed different… and uses pretty much the same combat mechanics …
but i do like the targeting system in this game it is so user friendly
…look…click….fire, this is pretty much a mash up of WOW,SWTOR and
Borderlands and looks Awesome

keep the vids coming guys

josh sloan says:

this game will flop just like every other MMO. all the past MMOs have had
their “oh this game is different because of X,Y,Z” They never follow
through with anything. This game is just like all the other failed MMOs and
are just looking to make a quick buck. 

Darkovika Gaming says:

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS GAME. I doubt that the ability to get a
Beta key is still an option, but I’ll post my favorite quote just in case

Fishslap 33 says:

Looks nice and I`d play it if it wasn`t so damn cutesy. I refuse to play
with people with tails and pink hair and that`s just the end of that.

Gearoid O 'Donovan says:

I just realised, according to my basic understanding of the wild star
battle system, it’s very League -of-Legends-esqe.

Whiskers meepmeep says:

The artstyle in this game is so dreadful it gave my eyes cancer, fucking
pixar wants their concept back.

powerist says:

So what youtubers should Martyn have?
Cry’s the only legible candidate due to his voice and experience in MMO.
Pewds too annoying and only good at Horror games, Crendor’s not interested,
and other I don’t know.

Adam Aucoin says:

Dungeons that actually take skill.. I love this game.

Ciaran Chappell says:

I want WildStar so bad.

Terneyah says:

What’s that UI? That Health-Bar of your character? Looks way better than
the standard of the game itself.

Martin Vest says:

SWTOR has better animations, art-style, graphics, story, scope, voice
What exactly is the appeal of this game?

Sam Eb says:

Wish i could get a guest key to confirm whether my system can run this
awesome game or not :///

TreeFolkDruid says:

that is some bad engineer plays, though great vid

Tamike Groce says:

You should play age of wulin

Andrew Vang says:

dat Shame-an though. 

Laura Brown says:

this was awsome

Ebolanation says:

This game is awesome…the dungeons are incredibly tough…your party has
to use strategy…tank and spank does not work

KoolChandler says:

What HUD do the have? i love it.

EpicJelly says:

We spent like 2 hours on this dungeon…

Omar Muhmmad says:

You can switch characters 

evan roberts says:

Graphics are just like wow’s lol why not upgrade them?

Matt Tincher says:

How had blizzard not sued?

hugost says:

Robo zombie

Jake Z says:

i hope no one calls this a WoW clone. this is much better than WoW

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