Wildstar Warplot Gameplay – 40 vs 40 PvP

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This is footage taken from a Warplot in Wildstar. These are almost impossible to do and test normally in the beta as it requires 40 level 50 characters on each side. However- a couple times each beta weekend CRB_Bardic asks for help in getting people organized to run them in advance… and it happened. (Bigs ups to Neverheals)

They aren’t well optimized so frame rate is an issue here. But I have been told it gets better and better each time people test the Warplots. Also, balance and changes have been drastic instead of minor tweaks and the majority of people who have done a bunch of these all speak positively of the changes.

Warplots could end up awesome in Wildstar- we’ll have to wait and see.


Dreamagain11 says:

ArcheAge looks so much better than this POS game

Mocking Makara says:

srsly ? i cant see whos enemy or friendly lawl :3

this is a bit lame :D

Trollen Som says:

who’s that indian guy in the background that’s always repeating whatever
the other guy says, but with proceed proceed come on come on?

everynameistookwtf says:

Looks like a big ass clusterfuck. This is more of a spam fest then normal
BGs and arenas. PvP in this game is a complete joke.

Leroy Jenkins says:

this looks like gw2……………

Shakor77 says:

I cant see shit. What is actually happening?

St. B. says:

When is HD going to be ready?

Bruce Wayne says:

the indian guy is fuking annoying

Jessa H says:

Wow lol that looks crazy. I haven’t had a chance to try pvp yet. Engage!
Engage! Engage! Engage!! Calm down sir. 

Justin S says:

looks fun, but i would have loved to see the enemies unit frams, i was
like, who is the enemy!!!?????

ViewtifulDaniel says:

Thats like WvWvW in Guild Wars 2… nobody actually knows whats going on xD

100Megapixelz says:


xzZtechnomanZzx says:

I prefer to see much smaller groups and actually see some strategy. This is
just a huge spam fest.

ElectroMonkey says:

OMFG JUST TURN ON NAMEPLATES…. all becomes clear.

Garrett Felender says:

What a freaking mess. This is horrible pvp in my opinion. Absolute mess and
you cannot tell anything that is going on!

Cole McIntyre says:

Fevir do you know if exile characters can acquire dominion mounts and vise

Aiten89 says:

Where are the telegraphs? Do they not show up in pvp?

wizbasky says:

that is so confusing, is it that you have enemy red health bars turned off
over the enemy heads so you can tell who is who or are there no health bars
at all?

who the hell do you tell who is who, that looks like a frenzy of confusion.

Dreamagain11 says:

This looks fucking awful. Zerg cluster fuck. No thanks.

Dylan Hawkins says:

This LOOKS like a crazy mess, but I remember Alterac Valley. It looked the
same but still managed to be incredibly fun.

Corrupt Plutocracy says:

odd groups got left even groups got right…more dots…many whelps…minus
50 dkp!

The Based God says:

The guy with the accent is so godamn annoying , he thinks he is the team.

Kevin Johnstone says:

The guy with the accent says absolutely nothing of relevance throughout the
first 5 mins… “go go go, dps dps, run, okay hug them, go go go, we are
doing it” like dude shut the fuck

Joey Montoya says:

This was a incredible gameplay footage, war plots look crazy. Obviously
lots of communication is needed to win in this sort of game. Can’t wait to
try it out for myself

I Troll Idiots says:

Annoying repeating fuck

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