10 Reasons To Play Star Trek Online in 2018 and Beyond

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Should you be playing Star Trek Online in 2018? Is the game worth it? In this video I will give you my 10 reasons for playing Star Trek Online in 2018 and Beyond.

Disclaimer – This video is not endorsed by Cryptic in any way. This video is not sponsored in any way. Views, opinions, thoughts are my own.

Get the game here – http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online

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Justice Gaming says:

My Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Star Trek Online in 2018, and Beyond.

C4RL0S TS4NG says:

It's not available at my region so fuck you

Howard Osborn says:

I get it on my play station, but I dont play too Often. how do I know if a new game is available. On my system ? I have lots of questions. Lol.

Braotis says:

This abortion of a game should not be played by anybody, its graphics were 10 years outdated when it launched. Its bugs never get fixed because its staff gives as many fucks about there game as a tiger gives as many fucks about a small Indian child's life, (it doesn't). The story line is just as horrible as a Jan Michael Vincent movie that has been urinated on by a Sasquatch. The game isn't repeatable because its barley playable because the people look like piles of rocks stacked on top of each other and they move like a Canadian who's out ice fishing, there is some movement but its mostly just sad and slow. The space combat is hard to see because there is so many particle effects that if you have epilepsy your gonna die withing in the first 30 min of playing. And the fact that its the only Star Trek MMO isn't a reason to play, your acting like a mafia wife and enabling them to continue putting out absolute garbage, and continue to let them rape the Star Trek Franchise. You sir should be ashamed of yourself for playing this abomination, you should be just as ashamed as Jan Michael Vincent is about his acting career.

michael alley says:

Was this shot on PC? My rig doesn't run that smooth.

Kelvin lương45 says:

how to sign up star trek online

RedgreengamerYT Gaming Videos says:

Steam sales is a thing you know

Mildly Amusing Channel says:

It's free on PSN so I'm gonna give it a try. Never really played a game like this before and I'm not really a "Trekkie" at all but most MMOs seem to be shooters or WoW-clones so this looks refreshingly different!

Pureinfantry 248 says:

If you buy the collectors edition can you update the game to the 2018 version and beyond?

magburner says:

How long does it take to get into spaceships? That is all i want to do. But I seem to be stuck in a bug that will not let me leave a mission, even when I ask for assistance.

Avatarbee says:

Gonna reinstall that baby but from what I remember Groundcombat was incredibly akward and jankie.

Draven Wynn says:

Just play warframe lol

Cory LaRose says:

I'm in the delta quadrant fighting

Hunter6213 says:

I wish to play that, but it's region locked… That sucks!

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