5853: Scarra as Pantheon vs Fiora Top – S6 Challenger Ranked Gameplay

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Patch 6.2

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Green(Common) = 0 to 8 Kills

Blue(Rare) = 9 to 13 Kills

Purple(Epic) = 14 to 18 Kills

Orange(Legendary) = 19 Kills and Up


Hickboy says:

yoona gotta stop taking drugs

Red Mage928 says:

Idk why but every vid of scarra makes me think he's diamond or master, there's always stupid things like staying for Fiora tp and ulting mid for nothing

Wilson Bustos says:

lol scarra's ult's mid were pretty bad. He didn't use it far enough back so they would be trapped. Also didn't help though that morg would use her ghosts and try to go in before his ult finished. Clearly gives it away that he is getting ganked.

Achraf Youssfi says:

izi game ;)

FelipepRanger says:

yoona with le epik dunkey

Marcos Janchuk says:

gordo gay deja los postres

Marcos Janchuk says:

gordo gay

joseale2310 says:

Fiora was reallyy bad…

Brad Ntoutoume says:

What's the song of the earlie game pls ? x)

nah chillb says:

The Morgana hugged kalista and whispered in her ear "I won't Q you". – based yoona 2016 never forgetti about mom's spaghetti

ProgInternetExplorer says:

that looks like touhou music at like 3:40

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