5th Edition D&D: The Mines of Phandelver – Part 1

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Download the basic rules for FREE here: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/basicrules
The mapping software we used: http://roll20.net

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Ferrel Agrios says:

I like this most of them are new players and somewhat a good video for me to watch and learn

AncapFTW says:

Real lucky rabbits feet come from rabbits that died of old age after living at least 50% longer than most rabbits and having dozens of children.

Rylan Storm says:

I like Quills streams but this was awful. D&D should not be a streamable, interactive, activity.

Stopping mid discussion to say hello to a new Twitch subscriber, or stopping to explain the game to random viewers who have probably only dropped in for a few seconds is rank.

The Otherwise says:

It's weird that his name is Peran, because I go by Perun all the time. So I had to look real carefully when you said the name to see if I was there.

Andrew Kachan says:

whats a programm are used?

Bushidobull says:

is 5th edition the only game edition the only system that is allowed to use?

Nick Kondratov says:

They missed the goblins cave 🙁

प्रियदर्शी says:

I would love to play D&D and other RPGs…unfortunately no one in my country knows about the game. They don't even publish it here in our language. Is there a solo newbie variant I can try out by myself?

Max Benedict says:

quill! I found your channel through your Surviving Mars lets plays but I would LOVE to see you do more D&D!

Dylan Davis says:

Quill do more d&d videos !!!

WartyFingleBlaster says:

"Yay! Urination" Lmfao

sedriensmorgasbord says:

"I have an AC of 18." "Wow! You're going to be nigh untouchable in this thing!" … NOT!!! Just started this adventure last night with a group of new players. The Paladin (we made our own characters, just because…) has an AC of 18, and in the first encounter alone, literally EVERY attack the stupid goblins made against him was exactly 18. THREE attacks in a row! They knocked him unconscious. Before that, the stupid jerks managed to crit my Sorcerer and instantly knocked him unconscious, too, in the first round. We didn't have our cleric with us (he had to work), so our bard had to use both of his spell slots just to get us back on our feet. The Paladin couldn't hit any of the goblins at all, and the Ranger missed on the first round with a 1. We barely scraped by. The rolls were partly to blame, I admit, but they should've taken into account that new players won't know as much about positioning and such and scaled the first encounter down to compensate. Ease them into it. A 4-on-4 battle with a bunch of 15 AC goblins that can hide as a bonus action, and also get a surprise round (if new players don't know to make perception checks, especially…) is just too much. What happened to the CR 0 and 1/8 monsters for a little bit of fodder practice? Although it made for a chaotically, frustratingly and entertainingly fun time, it was also a very harrowing first dive into the world of D&D. I'm surprised they didn't get scared off.

Sam Hayes says:

Actually you can pick up half your arrows

Mattathius says:

Where do u get those scenes from cos I have just started running a game and I have no clue where to get good scenes and character sprites like that

Antiluke Gaming says:

Is that Mattaphobia?

Ugnutz says:

On ammunition you can take a 1 minute to gather spent ammunition spent and get back half back the amount expended its right there in the PHB P146

Billy Scranner says:

0-0; the adventure zone started as this same campaign oml

Jamie harbert says:

The Evil Eastern Empire of Goblins
Story line written by Brother Jamie Fitzgerald Harbert
Chapter 1 Lock Golan
You four companions are exhausted from scouring the country side for work and adventure for the past 3 weeks. Little did you realize that you have stumbled in to the heart Land of the kilted Clansmen. A poor but proud people whom only point to the village of Lock Golan, they tell you that there is a pub named the Piper’s Hope Inn. They say many outsiders find comfort there with plenty of hardy food to eat. It takes you all two more days to get to Lock Golan but a “thriving village” they made it out to be, it is not. Four rickety houses surround the Piper’s Hope Inn.

But once inside the Pub you see it’s the social gathering of Harvest Time. Elves, Dwarves and all sorts have come to celebrate hard earned gold pieces and well done farming effort. A Man slaps one of you on the arm “you missed the last parade we held today. I meet all the new comers I own this humble Inn. My daughter Heather will bring you some dram to drink and roasted chicken. Please have a seat Eon McRoy is about to start the Bagpiping contest.” The mid aged man turn around to spot his daughter “Heather where is Meagan she ought to be helping us especially on the biggest day of the year.” The Teenager hauled four large plates filled with mashed potatoes lavished with gravy and chicken drumsticks, placing them down in front of you.
“That’ll be just 16 gold coins please?” you all thought that was a bit steep of a price but you gladly paid the young Las.
Now didn’t seemed to mind spending 4 and half hours soaking up the friendly atmosphere of the pub most of the pipers played their hearts out on the pipes but clearly some needed a lot more practice. Then one of you realized that you all need to get a room up stares so you rushed over to Heather and asked about the rooms. “Aye, lads I was worried you might be asking that about the rooms. Well the others beat you to it. But most of the lads here today buy my double heavy wool quilts and sleep next to Old Man Willow. Go over the glen hill north about a mile till you come to the creek head up stream and look for then willow that has an enchanted face. My mother casted the spell 35 years ago he knows a lot about the Goblin wars and the peoples clans.

Chapter 2 Trouble hits at Old Man Willow

The moon is peering brightly down on you all when you finally reached the willow tree. He is snoring as are most of the 23 Kilted men under it. There’s plenty of room for the trunk is very large. The weather is good to you and your blankets keep you comfortably toasty. It was about 3:45 am when a terror of a screechy scream pierced out in agony. Suddenly you and the bold Clansmen reached for your weapons but to no avail you are surrounded by a full Army company of goblins. “You phatic weaklings have no chance of escape NOW MOVE to our Slave wagons!” A young lad whom was stooped over his wounded father and upon seeing him die instantly mustered all of his courage and shouting “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of WAR!” 3 other men responded grabbing their daggers and attacked. The three Brave Highlanders were killed with lightning speed. “Now listen up I am People I am Sargent Blood Crow a Veteran of The First Great Goblin War. I’ve killed by the wagon loads. Do not temp me to kill you all right here right now.” The Sargent tied the young Lad to the tree. “Private Blood Hammer fetch me the oil now. This stupid runt is going to burn!” Apparent to all these goblins are no chaotically active little gremlins. They are highly trained and willfully determined to carry out their orders with evil soaked eyes of a machine like will. Now when you see the Old Man Willow and the young Lad Scream out in over powering pain it strikes fear and anger to the core of you very soul of your being. You are all loaded up into strongly built caged wagons.
An old man sitting next to you is counting “There are six carts full of about 72 people in all.” You are polite to the old man and there is a very beautiful girl by herself in the 7th slave wagon right next to you. “My name is JillfuyLloyd; I see you don’t ware Kilts like the other men do. You must not from around here. So what is your name? Oh that’s a hansom name and I know that in HyeKish speak that name means honorably blessed with bravery.” She then reaches out her hand to present to you a red apple. “it’s my last apple but you should have it.” {If one party member tries to take the apple do a dexterity check if fail the girl takes a bite into party member’s hand for 1d4 damage} and it revealed that she is a Harpy
Sargent Blood crow snickered “I love it when she does that!”
Each passing day the slave wagon train numbers grow each night you are given food and water for 30 nights the train held into the east over the highland glens but always eastward bound .

Chapter 3 Welcome to Slave Camp One Eighty-two
As the slave wagons cress the top of the last hill everyone stands up to see the dreadful sight of the slave camp and an unmistakable stench of un-bathed people and death wafted so thickly that it permeated ones’ physic well-being. The commander of the camp rode up on his black horse to greet the Sargent. “Very well done Blood Crow you and your soldiers will get an extra keg of rum tonight.” Then you were let out of the wagon cages and lined in front of the thin pale man clothed in a black uniform. His face appeared to be a person aged by hard living of heavy drinking and his evil filled glance peered deeply at you and the others in the crowd.
The man held a perfumed handkerchief to his nose to ward off the stench of death but to little avail. “Listen up you maggots you are no property of the Eastern Empire of Goblins and our King Tyron the Great and Bloody. If you try to escape well will kill 3 others slaves for each day that you are gone. Then upon your capture you will be hung or burnt at the stake. I enthusiastically indulge my guards’ habit of killing you slime balls for the slightest of infractions of our laws. Work and live or else you die that is all you need to know.” He rides his horse to the stable.

iCaptainJax says:

35:20 "I'm the Cleric, I'm the healer, BADOOM BADOOM BADOOM BADOOM." I laughed out loud at that. I've been practicing DM'ing with this map, up until the cave, by myself with DMPC's and hope I can get some real players soon. These videos help me figure out what DM's can do.

Stone Rayven says:

Lol Halfling Fighter W Rapier and Shield. (Toothpick and Dinnerplate) lmao

Nathan Mitchell says:

In every game I have played, the Bard and/or the Cleric get all the best rolls. You should have seen the rolls of the guy who played Lore Bard and dipped Life Cleric. That character could do no wrong. It felt like every 2nd or 3rd roll was a nat 20 and he got multiple nat 20s in a row on more than one occasion. He used the same dice as everyone else, there was nothing wrong with the dice. He was the best party face we ever had.

Artis Silinevics says:

Hmm that's an interesting question

Mephinoxify says:

Goblins can use disengage or hide as a bonus action. So the goblin who fled from Portia at 46:00. Should have been able to attack Portia with his action, disengage with his bonus action and then use his movement to run away.

ProfessorButts says:

Fuck that blokes voice is hard to listen to

Logan True says:

Consult the Helix Fossil!

Findulidas says:

I like how the party spends knowledge rolls on a random rock a goblin had.

RatherBeAsleep says:

I died at 26:08.

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