7349: BestRivenNA as Riven vs Pantheon Top – S6 Challenger Ranked Gameplay

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Patch 6.20
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Yellow ( Support ) = not counting kills

Green(Common) = 0 to 8 Kills

Blue(Rare) = 9 to 13 Kills

Purple(Epic) = 14 to 18 Kills

Orange(Legendary) = 19 Kills and Up


sayf chdig says:

this is not challenger lul is plag

Warren Lagura says:

at 20:49 rework riven mana cost

jakieś nazwiska says:

is this scarra? or whats up with the wards

RainbowPotatoesXD says:

I just realized i played with this guy like 4 days ago…

Duke S says:

no way thats chalenger. that lee stayed to defend the tower vs heca and an almost 3 items complete riven. thats low fucking elo

Diego Sotillo says:

He used to be better at Riven … He barely cancels animations.

Walrus says:

The salt between Ez and Rumble is enough to season my fries until i'm 50

Remus-Produktion says:

Ich klaus video

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