9 Dragons 2 – “9 Dragons Begins”

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New 9 Dragons 2 – “9 Dragons Begins” – with new engine…coming in first half year 2014.

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Blueprint Walsh says:

This isn't 9Dragons. I played 9Dragons under acclaim for many years. IT was one of my childhood favorites. The story was amazing and I loved the music. Something about it was just awesome. Even with the graphics being out of date. I'm playing the shit out of Blade and Soul and loving it. However it isn't the same culture packed game as 9Dragons. If you want a game extremely similar to 9Dragons, play Age of Wushu. The only regrettable thing is that it obviously doesn't have the amazing story we all love from 9Dragons.

TheAvatar Ewida says:

this is a game called age of wushu!!!! wake up!

s4eed says:

The chills when I hear that music… Time to blow the dust off my Shao nuker guy.

IAE Inferno says:

To be honest 9 dragons is way better and the only thing that needs to be done is to finish making the other 3 clans iron fist, union of noble families, etc. and maybe get a visual upgrade.

9dragons goldenSky says:

guyz this is a hoxe 😀 it;s just blade and soul

jermico saunders says:

its out now soooo

KillerDeath says:

If 9D is gonne get revived you can bet your ass i will play it again

Dylos453 says:

think this game got canceled to be honest, i checked that joongwon aka the developers and it shows that their next upcoming project is 9dragons mobile, nothing related to 9 dragons 2, just thought id share so more ppl dont get their hopes up

Shiroux Fyl says:

Damn, the nostalgia. 9dragons was such an awesome game. Now that I look back, I was mostly running around Wuan buffing people when it's not 2x…lol. Anyway, plz make this happen. We need another 9dragons!

P.S. 9dragons trailer is the best MMO trailer still…(of course, that's subjective) but yeah, I still got excited whenever I see it.

airtrom2 says:

We're in 2015 & i've been waiting for 9D2 for soo long, 9D died i'm hoping the 2nd one comes out soon

thebeyegee says:

I was a veteran at this game in 08-09 when it actually had players. I logged on recently and the population was around 5 people in a MMORPG.. There is also no players to buy anything from lol, acclaim dug it in the ground, sold it off to a company and than everyones account got wiped.

Was the end of 9dragons.

Vincent Lim says:

it's 2015 already,where is it

9dragons goldenSky says:

hah almost 2015 dun see any thing xD

Hawxaw says:

Looks like its not happening :(

LoZ Collector says:

God dammit… I love the world of Wuxia, but 9 Dragons just looks like yet another WoW game, where you stand there and hit your rotation. I want a Wuxia game with some energy and movement!

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