Adventure Quest – Strongest Build 2019 (True Lucky Hybrid)

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The 2 Strongest Builds in game right now are True Lucky Hybrid ▶️ 250 str, int & luk or True Pure Warrior ▶️ 250 str, dex & luk

Adventure Quest – Strongest Build 2019 True Lucky Hybrid

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Corrupt Neo says:

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Thor Hjorth says:

Nice editing but this is farrrr from the strongest build nor equipment setup. Best Spell misc is Grakma misc with BTH boost+Arcane spell for INT, Blood Contract does barely any spell boost, you’re better off using an INT misc furthermore you barely used Celtic so even if you were using the setup that is superior you wouldn’t get the full damage out of it. Spells are ‘okay’ but since we have: Bloodzerker,griffen,kindred,ice inbue, zealot,blood blades,bloodzerker weapon(though those are mostly irrelevant at this point)dragonguard nobody really uses them because we can get far more damage out of simple attacks/skills now. Best build IS and will always be full Poelala Mage, untill the stat sweep then it’ll be Beast Poelala as DEX becomes redundant. For basic attacking BC is amazing so you got that right atleast, except during mino day. for a really good AQ Discord where you can maybe get the optimal advice on what the strongest is, beside the little I explained here.

Kushagra Pandey says:

Hm…i have endurance but tbh i like theze

WinterIsComeing says:

Love your background music in this game.

iiBreezy says:

I didn't received your noti ;C

jkor says:

so strong bet u can solo carnax too

Shawarma says:

So this is the strongest build, huh!

Black Naginashi X says:

Love it!!! 🙂

HeroSaigo says:

Woah, OG AQ? always making boss moves! Nice video and I love the song!

Raul uchiha says:

Dont like the game but Nice video Nice edit to

Corrupt Neo says:

The Strongest Builds in game right now are True Lucky Hybrid ▶️ 250 str, int & luk or True Pure Warrior ▶️ 250 str, dex & luk

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