Age Of Conan – First Look in 4K – Tortage GamePlay 2015

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I think the old low graphic quality review videos on youtube scared so many players away from AOC, so I just made this HD video when I was making my new conqueror for achievement reward.

Play Age of Conan:
If you like my setting you can follow my setting in:


David Smith says:

Age of Conan has the best combat system of ANY MMO period. Some people complain about the combo system but those are just the lazy players. People who just want to clickie and have everything done for them. If you know how to build a rotation and adjust it on the fly depending on the defensive stance of your target you will be rewarded.

Pipet the Pípa says:

Soo sad that AoC is dead like saturday night in church 🙁 I tried it this week for the first time and I love it – love the fight, graphic, lore and all – but 50 people online in the whole world 🙁 that makes it super single player game, but its not MMO anymore … sad, it looks like hidden gem

ThePiffDaBiff says:

Why did we ever stop playing this game? It was great.

Raceis Real says:

Fuck 4k, it's all about 8k!

Rogério Cardoso do Nascimento says:

henryx my friend,
Teach me how to put that this video splash screen with the face of warriors in the UI corruption II.
Too liked this opening age of conan.
Thanks again Henryx.

Rogério Cardoso do Nascimento says:

Henryx'm your fan.
I use the UI corruption II.
I really enjoyed your new splash screen with the warriors.
How can I put this screen in my UI.
Please Henryx if you can tell me.
A dear friend hug.

Rogerio – Brazil

okaoklenny says:

OMG I am on Age of Conan^^ Look up Max Squirrel and lesgo

Dorin “Nandi” Velovar says:

AOC is a clunky game, but it still has probably best art/world/music design to date.

Steffen Hellesylt says:

I see someone is bitten by the combojump ✌️ its adictive

Wwald says:

You stole the poor dt's and conqs black dargon gear, and now you don't even use it! Shame on you! 

Draϟa says:

What UI are you using Henry?

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