Age of Conan gameplay – barbarian

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This is just a quick recording of my barbarian in action. I haven’t played in a while, so I’m quite rusty!


Varont says:

I miss it so much. Now I play Elder Scrolls Online, but no game was a match to Age of Conan since i left it behind and moved on. My main was a Conqourer.

MixinThe Bisquic says:

Now I play tamriel online ps4……. Sadly I had a kingdom in conan 3 level 80s and a massive group

MixinThe Bisquic says:

Ah age of conan the time of a good rpg whilst playing half life 2 in the background and the lingering growing popularity of gmod to zombie panic source team fortress 2 before it became a hat simulator sven coop smod obsidian conflict synergy before valve bought it and ruined it insurgency ahhh good times

Franco Fernando Gomez says:

A game that long ago I played and I liked a lot for the pvp and the friends that I met, I have a doubt babe, Currently this game has many players ?? … or is dead like they said in some videos out there.

pd: sorry if I'm not clear but I'm using a translator 🙂

Qwerty Bastard says:

Did you max out your characters titty slider?

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