Age of Conan Unchained Gameplay – Dragon Spine Questing – Bearshaman

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Age of Conan Unchained Gameplay – Dragon Spine Questing – Bearshaman
Serpentmen walk freely without getting in touch with the deadly Sandworms in Dragon Spine. We are set on a journey to slay those beasts and claim their skin for seprent boots!

Age of Conan Adventure Part 6
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Age of Conan
UI Installer

Age of Conan is a mmorpg game made by funcom.
The most amazing part about age of conan is the superior ingame music with the amazing quality of graphics and the amazing details and effort they put into making a good realistic feeling in this brute savage mmorpg.
Conan is now a free2play mmo , but with a premium feature that benefits you huge for paying monthly. There is a Ingame store for various items but none that realy ruins the balance.
The Combat system is also stunning as you have to aim every hit and watch the enemies shields.

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B4NTO says:

You can buy bags in main hubs from npcs atleast or if you have Veteran Tokens you can buy good ones without gold for those Veteran Points at the Veteran Vendor in Old Tarantia or any of the other main cities.

Cardan011 says:

I just downloaded it via steam

Cardan011 says:

Where do I get bags?

B4NTO says:

I am from Sweden

PaperChasah says:

Nice vid son, maybe we could play togther, where are u from?

B4NTO says:

I hope you will have alot fun with both the khitan and the Bearshaman.
My favorite classes is Bearshaman, Darktemplar and Conqueror

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

just made a khitan bear shammy, liking it so far 🙂

B4NTO says:

Nice. Tortage is a realy great place and so is the rest aswell, the only bad part after Tortage imo is that the voice acting is removed sadly. But its still good questing and tons of quests to do.
Also on level 80 there are very many Dungeons to do in both Normal Mode and Hard Mode and Raids ofcourse

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

I trierd it, level 5 and i'ts awesome so far man

B4NTO says:

Thanks i will:)

B4NTO says:

Thanks alot, there will come many many more AoC with both the Adventure one and Dungeons.
The only Addon i use is the FDS Ui
Link for UI in description

HotDComics says:

Nice video. Please make more AoC videos. What UI and addons are you using?

Rancid Bowel says:

really nice video man, keep up the good work ! 🙂

B4NTO says:

Yeah i hope you gonna like it.
It stands out from other mmo´s imo

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

I think ill give AoC a try, gunna DL via Steam

B4NTO says:

Thanks alot.
Age of Conan on steam hopefully gonna get more attention to the game.
Also looking forward to see what the "New" team can do with Joel as the Leader of the Game Projects

Scott Freeman says:

Good video and great news – AoC arrives on Steam.

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