Age of Wulin (Wushu): Wudang PVP Gameplay.

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Wudang Vs Wudang school. Please comment and subscribe this video if you like it!

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zach afsfa says:

@DynomitePunch D…did you even play the game for more than five minutes? It's open pvp. Which means you can be killed anywhere for anything at any time by other players or you can do the killing. I got into 3 different fights with the same guy back to back while in the middle of a city market then was killed by someone else when I won the third. Also, they literally give you inventory expansion stuff for completing base story quests. Not to mention you can craft or buy them yourself.

DynomitePunch says:

yeah but they where gonna make me pay real money to expand my inventory which means i didn't have enough room to hold certain items for completing certain misions, also, it's not action oriented, it's a point an click

AnselmoLB says:

wich server is this? Becouse the english one of snails suck what a laggy piece of shit

DynomitePunch says:

their should be more action oriented chinese mmos like this

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