Aion – First Look Part 1 – Getting Started

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This is the start of our Aion First Look Series where you will get to see this MMORPG for yourself before you decide you want to play! This first part includes character creation, the cinematic storyline, and some beginning quests.

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Aunfel Gaming says:

I love this game. It really opens up in the later levels.

Heyyy Sup says:

Aion to świetna gra . Grałem przez 3 lat i jestem nadal grać! F2P 100%

Adelaide Archdawn says:


Cure Supercat(Wish) says:

That tough voice sample though XD

sounds like something Flare would say

Jenny Nguyen says:

After through 2 or 1 year it seems to be improving a bit.

Kaneki Eyepatch says:

How you login? Sorry for being a noob

Naomi Gold says:

your commentating can be improved tbh try speaking up and sounding less monotone and miserable :/ btw just some tips 😀 i know most youtubers are always looking for ways to improve :D

Salma Radder says:

is it safe to download?

Novice Otaku23 says:

1:35 Dante>?

kid zues says:

is this free to play in america?     e-e

Lord Shade says:

Ive been looking for commentary like this but later could you do an asmodian character?

awesomealol0 says:

You're exactly the kind of commentator i've been looking for! ^-^

Azure Sith Lord says:

You picked elyos and I closed out after leaving this comment.

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