Aion Gameplay First Look HD –

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Aion first look gameplay video + commentary by Omer from

Aion is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed and published by NCSoft that originally launched in 2009 as a pay to play game that later became fully free to play.


Bharat Thapa says:

Omer YAY!! Finally I found you !!! Thumbs up if you love his reviews. :D

Ailex Mercer says:


nyanberry says:

i return to this game thank

akimbo5u says:

Btw you should stream on twitch!!

akimbo5u says:

Omer!! love you long time <3 <3 <3

ZuekGamingHD says:

welcome back omer :)

Sheldon.j Plankton says:

the thing that mmos need to do is make great gear that you get progressing, most mmos give you shitty gear that doesnt really make you stand out.

peter antoniou says:

Remotayx r u still on game or u quit it?

Idothemath says:

welcome back omer

Zentrek05 says:

This one went pay to win look at there store lol. It was good f2p for like 6 months then the market went op. The events are mostly $$$$$$ to do stuff as well.

Krish Lius says:

game is just boring

Unknown Desert says:


Nila Collabs says:

OMG Omerr You're back! Do Fiesta Online!! It had a server merge and its soo cool. I'd love a first look/gameplay on that. The server Enid had a fresh start.

Leeling1289 says:

All hail the Loli's! Good to have you back, Omer

FireKid112 says:

The gameplay looks excruciatingly boring, especially the questing and combat.

Muhammed Ali (MAli) says:

i agree that the game looks boring at the begining but once you realize the amount of content in this game you will be hooked

Isolated Mountain says:

A familiar voice! Glad to see you making gameplay videos again!

Lazar Younan says:

How free to play is this game? Looking for a good f2p that is properly optimized. Disappointing with Tera even with high end pc

Ragnurak88 says:

Been playing Aion ever since it first launched in North America, although the community has alot of loud QQers the game itself is very beautiful with tons of side content that will consume you. The PVP in the game can get pretty intense and is not recommended for first time MMO players, however the PVE has a wide range of difficulty from extremely easy and laid back to extreme hardcore grind your eyes out. Casual part time players will not excel very high in this game but will still enjoy their experience. If you are a hardcore gamer and want a true challenge with a wide range of play tatics this is the game for you!

Da Cerebrus says:

Wtf OMER!!!!!! Dude!!!! finally… Welcome back :P

Aedix Gaming says:

this game is totally p2w now..

Marc van de krol says:

it looks like a pretty cool game, but there is a other game that look just like it, Tera, and I like that game more

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