ANARCHY ONLINE 18.7 A BASIC IMPLANTS GUIDE (1080p60 Gameplay / Walkthrough)

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Anarchy Online 18.7 Basic Guide to implants
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Various equipment used including:

Gibson Les Paul 2012 standard (honey burst)
Marshall 6101 amplifier
Mesa Boogie MK2-B (81′)
Ibanez Jem Floral (88′)
Ibanez Jem 7Whv (98′)
Chapman ML-1 Trans black (‘2013)
THD-hotplate (8Ohm)
The junction (Palmer pd-09 DI box)
Sure SM58/57 Microphones (70’s)
Digitech RP1 effects processor (92′)
TC Electronics Nova system effects processor.
Sonar DAW
Various VSTs like Addictive drums
D’addario strings
Ernie Ball strings
Ernie Ball tortex pics
intel i7 P9-x79 based system

Many many custom made (by me) cables.

And most importantly a very patient wife and family


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