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Anarchy Online 18.7 The follow up video to your comments and questions
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Various equipment used including:

Gibson Les Paul 2012 standard (honey burst)
Marshall 6101 amplifier
Mesa Boogie MK2-B (81′)
Ibanez Jem Floral (88′)
Ibanez Jem 7Whv (98′)
Chapman ML-1 Trans black (‘2013)
THD-hotplate (8Ohm)
The junction (Palmer pd-09 DI box)
Sure SM58/57 Microphones (70’s)
Digitech RP1 effects processor (92′)
TC Electronics Nova system effects processor.
Sonar DAW
Various VSTs like Addictive drums
D’addario strings
Ernie Ball strings
Ernie Ball tortex pics
intel i7 P9-x79 based system

Many many custom made (by me) cables.

And most importantly a very patient wife and family


BobanSN says:

Nice tutorials,tips & tricks especially with changes with Arete, ToTw entrance, xp buffs and begginers guide means much to me as I came back to play AO again after 8-9 yrs 🙂 This video is some 10 months old but hope u will continue to make AO vids

SharpTony says:

You are doing so well man, it makes me so happy to see!  The community is loving you, this is awesome =).

Pablo Estrada says:

Hahaha yeah A LOT of people mess up alpha spirits. But yeah it is pretty simple with aou guide, I got em all on my shade in about 2 weeks of reeeally soft farming. Mostly gmi farm haha. Once you do that shout out for Shwissgar hahaha he just can't get his head around alpha spirits process. BTW I can help you with the raid videos for collector or beast;) count on with enf/sold/crat/shade 220

Christian Cliff says:

As a matter of interest, what are you're PC specs? Love the vids, even though I don't play AO anymore. I played since the day it was released and came back off and on but this last time I just finally had enough, but I still keep an eye on it. I just wished they had done more with it in terms of expansions etc.

Tutorials l Game Content says:

Ever used the free software called handbrake? Start using it because it shortens the videos file size to make it upload to YouTube alot faster and it doesn't affect the quality or anything

Tutorials l Game Content says:

Great video and also something different keep it up! :-D

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