Anarchy Online 18.8 [ Channel Update May 2018 ]

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Anarchy Online 18.8 [ Channel Update May 2018 ]
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chris szablewski says:

my first MMO, loved this game. Shame Funcom doesnt embrace this IP and do something new with it. Thanks for sharing current game footage of it, I may reinstall it and play my character from 2003

Scott Durham says:

For the OP name, thing…

Rizzo RIZZO says:

At least you made it to 6 foot :/. My brothers and my dad are all 6'2'' at least.

World of MONSTERS says:

lol love the chat. Why is real life just so insistent on getting in the way? 😉 Anyway just installed 62 mods on friend's Skyrim VR. Pretty cool but still.. motion sickness for me. Have you tried VR / Skyrim VR?

Skryre1080 says:

Also, any plans to check out Funcom's new game, Conan Exiles?

Skryre1080 says:

Adventurer: "Hold my beer, I can do that"

AOvault says:

I believe this moon is called Glamiea.

coadjr says:

You mentioned a link to new forums?

Pablo Blah says:

Nice new intro/outro! Cal, about a new playthrough, what do you think about a fr00b advy? This would save your time avoiding the grinding of AXP/research. And you would re-play your first in AO but-now-changed profession. And the fr00bs would love you even more 🙂

silent1401 says:

Well. the two suns are called Animus and Amicus. But i don't know the name of the moon :/

shadex582 says:

Nice to see an anarchy video again. I did end up getting all my Betas on my agent with help and a full set of CSS! Also upgraded the the gan'ker lol

Although I think I like the ofab more than the CSS, that's your opinion ofab vs combined armor?

SharpTony says:

Yeee, you got me there! Time constraints have been killing me! I did just literally, like a minute ago, reactivate one of my actual accounts though, so here's to some play time!

Phillip Dalby says:

awesome new intro 🙂

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