Anarchy Online 18.8 – Not fr00b 28

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Anarchy Online 18.8 – Not fr00b 28
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Phillip Dalby says:

Glad to help with the crit scope had it laying around in my bank on my old crat im dusting off 😉 also lost it at XP-ness! 😀 😀

Berth Ljunggren says:

I try to install nothing on c: only 250gb and it fills up fast enough anyway with all the crap that gets installed there even if you specify a different location.
My online games are on their own 2TB drive, regular games on a 4TB drive 🙂 total diskspace is 14.5TB so i have some space to use.
And omni-trade is a very easy zone, it is a square, the basic shops are closest to the center, so the superior one is at the outmost tier where the backyard entrances are, omni ent on the hand i play omni and i still get lost in that one 🙂

Foohar says:

You've just solved one of the worlds problems accidently. Make vending machines that look like sharks! 😛

Foohar says:

You say you have played to bigger crowds than 2500 people? So you have a musical side we don't know about? :O Lets hear it! lol

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