Anarchy Online 18.9 [ I R Back / Let’s Build A t00n 5 ]

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Anarchy Online 18.9 [ I R Back / Let’s Build A t00n 5 ]

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roxxzorttm1 says:

Great work mate!

KingTater says:

Nice to see a return this this game. It's old and showing it's age but I still hold it in high regard. It introduced me to mmo's and I'm rather grateful for that, despite all the crap ones that's out there.

People who cheat in videogames are the same that play them on easy. Personally I find nothing wrong with cheating in a game, unless it's online like this one but cheating in a videogame is not wrong in any stretch of the definition. Personally I like to experience the story in games, narrative rpg's full of story is my favourite genre and hard encounters can often be a show stopper. The less story a game have, the less interest I have it, Dark Souls being a perfect example. I played through the first one and then lost interest in the franchise. Everyone is head over heels in love with the Souls games, I just find them boring.

zigezang says:

It do say, Attack skill: Pistol 100% ME 30%, so attack rating is affected by ME and so is then the damage

JoGeri666 says:

Too early for HD, see you later. Glad to see AO is back in menu.

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