Anarchy Online Anarchy Online Trailer HD

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Xomus Demonium says:

lol only level 80. I get to about 150 on my ma froob and still don't feel weak

Xomus Demonium says:

still waiting on the engine to convert to higher graphics.
don't be hating on AO, it's better than WoW/Rift/most mmo's now days.
most computers can run it.
and a higher level cap.
and a way better community.
oh and it's Sci-fi and not fantasy.
technology > magic

Garden. says:

lol HD in 1982

Wall Deer says:

looks cool but i've seen games like this that aren't worth it but who knows-maybe when im done downloading i could change my mind!

Radu Alex says:

this trailer is awesome!

FKProds says:

@thedaring1s Yeah but your gimped to hell and don't know it because Funcom are idiots. It isn't your fault 🙂

FKProds says:

@Tilferious Sped up.

FKProds says:

Love AOs music 😛 Also, HD my arse 😛

Hubert says:

THIS GAME IS AWESOME and the graphics are not great but its because the game is 10 years old but its awesome

Sycophanta 'Tom' says:

thats rubbish. i got lvl 60 in a week or so.. and i dont have SL

JPR300 says:

try it when ur anti-virus is off

Shay Walmsley says:

im a lvl 80 martial artist onli been playing for 3 months or so

JigZawThe5th says:

when i try to download Anarchy Online at 39% it always says Error Close Browser then it will go away someone help!!!

Raid House says:


is freak.

TAZmd nl says:

not HD… only HQ

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