Anarchy Online Free to Play Let’s Play – Part 6

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In this Free to Play Let’s Play of Anarchy Online, we will not use pockets, outside buffs when leveling, kiting, outside funding, or outside help to level the toon. It’s like playing for the first time, but with knowledge of the game.


Ino says:

I can't disagree with your list of worst and favorites more, but that's why we had such great options in AO, so I respect your list.

Of note is that Agents were also tanks, having played an Agent as main, I tanked all the time, mimic either Enfo using taunts or Doc using complete heal.

Also Keeper statue in Jobe still has the pistol at its hip iirc, so long as they haven't changed that.

I think a bit opposite too, that not having more than one dedicated healer and tank profs was good. Mainly because the off-tank and off-heal style classes are able to do so much more than if they'd been more dedicated.

As for the necromancer style stuff you mentioned for healing, that's essentially how Trader single target healing works. Trader drains target and gives hp to self, then drains their own hp and gives to a friendly target.

Keeper and others could tank, but the difficulty was holding agro. Other classes with healing got a lot of other cool things to do as well, like Keeper, Agent, MP, Trader, Advy, Fixer, and MA. Yeah mostly their heals won't be as solid as a doctor's, but docs weren't 100% necessary in every group, there were enough off-heal professions to get away with not having a doc with you if you just had some of these other professions instead. Same with enfo, you'd prefer one, but keepers, soldiers, agents, MAs, fixers, and pet classes were also frequent replacements when you couldn't find an enfo, you just had to take things a bit slower.

Also wtf they took out swimming?!?

SharpTony says:

Just noticed around 11:00 I accidentally clicked Leave Team instead of Accept…goodness I am a moron.

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