Anarchy Online: Pyramid of home, the 4 boss’s

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Not a full guide from start to finish. This goes over the boss’s themselves and not the trash leading up to them. Information is accurate to my knowledge at the time of the recording . Please enjoy.

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SharpTony says:

Great guide man! These bosses actually look like they might be fun!

Tritium8 says:

wow when i played, we used to wonder about the Entrance at the pyramide…

nobody says:

the real AO experience if anyone was stupid enough to be a new player to the game at this point would be stuck leveling doing solo shit, no alien gear, no ubers, get to shadowlands, have no idea how to get symbiants, no mp is going to make ure pattern, you'd be lucky to reach inferno solo but i expect a new player would have uninstalled before shadowlands tbh

not worth paying a subscription to be gate keepered by other players that REFUSE to play anyone that isn't already a known or introduced and vouched for friend of theirs

my experience was froob until level 150 where i stayed 150 and got prepared to twink up to do that alien level locked place with good gear and bot drops so at least you'd have some alien armor before going to shadowlands

a whole month wasted i had 3 full bags of relays to spawn the bosses but i couldn't get any help with a team to do the bosses so i could collect my bots, i already had the base alien armor crap ready too just needed the bots and i had the bio material

i was in a neutral guild called third faction where the leader was a turbo autist with a gook girlfriend he dragged onto ao that DIDNT EVEN WANT TO PLAY, i got no help from the leader or the officers, some clique of american assholes that said every weekly meeting 'we have s10 twinks to help ppl get their alien armor', did they ever help? not once for a whole month of asking

the other solo players that joined that guild when i did, didn't want to s10 group with me until we had our alien armors, they stupidly leveled past 150 and went to shadowlands, they quite before they hit level 200 though

the officer clique of assholes all ditched my org for unknown reasons, and i shit you not, the leader of the guild brought in someoen he knew from outside the game, gave him an already ubered account with a toon ready to play and told the rest of us 'HERE IS YOUR NEW LEADER!'

then the leader moved to another org (presumeably to play this his real friends) leaving us with a new player who had a maxed out character to be in charge of us, (who probably had another character on that account to play with his friends too)

so the org was basically a RETARD CORRAL, inviting new and isolated players to a no hope, dead end, alt guild WHAT THE FUCK


cmonn makeittwerk says:

Why do you cover your chat? Are you a secret agent or a hitman ?

Johnny says:

Great video man. Did downed this instance last night ur video helped alot . Thanks alot /Redcurry

Berth Ljunggren says:

Hate how players vanish now, back 20 meters all is fine, back 20.5 and players vanish from sight.
But the booses looked fun, nice with some new stuff in the game even if i will never see it.

Reemelix says:

Sure was a fun dungeon and over way too fast!

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