Anarchy Online Sharpjr 150 Bureaucrat PvP

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This is one of my most expensive twinks, but I hope this video shows you two things. 1, money means nothing generally. 2, don’t make a 150 crat for pvp.


James Drysdale says:

How did u get the Improved red tape? pls answer cause i have a 150 too 

Gaming160 says:

why dont you have dodge the blame

Gatis Ignāts says:

Yes, I mean, if other profession has the same setup. it would do a lot better

SoldierXav says:

That crat has full CSS setup and inteligent symbiants as i know so its expensive:)

Kuingar says:

Use trimmers on the bot; you can triple it's attack speed with one. Makes it 150% agg

Gatis Ignāts says:

Money means a lot if its not a Crat I guess 🙂

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