Anarchy Online Subway Guide

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The Subway is the first real test for any new Anarchy Online player. It’s one of the first real “dungeons” in the game and I’m gonna take you through it step by step.


Suprasylph says:

All subways have been shutdown except for the one in the new ICC area. Went in with a level 15 MP twink and level 30ish attack/healing pet. Attack pet was hitting for an average of 120ish damage. Now I got my MP to level 20. New implants and better NCU. Going to try soloing Abmouth with my fancy level 60ish attack/heal pets without Dr Hack and Quack. Wish me luck. 😀

Michael Lyons says:

300+ damage shots? wtf is this bullshit lol im hitting for like 10

James Bond says:

lol. just curse already.

Chris Jones says:

Psychology for planting Towers. Not all of the Living Cyber Armor LCA is available in the Subway; there is a quest for it. Subway XP is augmented by the Subway Elite Assignment from the Mission Agency. Vergil Aeneid is a Doctor, may drop LCA, rare drop Belt of Justice. You got lucky and got everything that is possible for Abmouth to drop, grats.

Jim Pomatto says:

How is the population in the game these days?  I have not played for many years but it was fun back in the day

SharpTony says:

@herman forsberg Yes I can!

Herman Forsberg says:

Can u kill everything selfbuffed??

RedRobin13 says:

Are Ownz the leet and Nuts and Bolts still around?

GuidoAnchovy B says:

Man, I came here for a tutorial on how to make Subway sandwiches in Anarchy Online. You're letting me down bro.

BelieveNoGod says:

Don't know if you have discovered what the broken items u find in the Subway are for ?
In case not, I can tell you. You collect all 4 items, and bring to ERGO which resides in wailing wastes at 550*540.
Give the items to him, and he will give you a ring. "Insipid Ring" Check it out with
That ring can also be used on the stone, (If I remember correctly) near the Wailing Wastes base, to be transported to the first SL garden. I'm writing this when AO are down, so I can't check that now.

SharpTony says:

Make sure your DirectX is up to date, that should fix the problem =).

brad barton says:

Thank for actually listening to a subscriber 🙂

Markus Jack Dijkgraaf says:

The burnt out memory chips and similiar stuff are for the ERGO Ring if I recall correctly. You can trade the stuff in for the first ring on Rubi-Ka Ergo.

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