Angel online aoe

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enjoy the video
Is about all aoe from the game angel online


bongxinh1996 says:

Who's watching this in 2016?

alcard pluz says:

lol who can leech me 2 lvl 80 i m SATAN from Athena srever

Reynaldo Valencia says:

does aoe's use sp?

Reynaldo Valencia says:

does assasins have aoe?

Lukw Wright says:

so what is the fastest leveling job?

thenarutopivot says:

im level 43 sofiel

alcard pluz says:

where spear

xKenyx says:

im lvl 76 forcas

Zhinzhu says:

whats the best aoe?class too

MrDot10 says:

those r all noob aoe i have seen lvl 100+ aoe's.

lina maria pabon says:

the name of tha song is right here right now by fatboy slim
Is so good XD

Vladdd1k says:

Good Vid 5/5:)

justin says:

im a lvl 14 chaos/lhealer mage

UglyPinkMachine says:

For all you players saying n00b n00b n00b, so what? He's just showing what they look like. Don't have to bash just because you have nothing better to do than KS or be a douche.

dafasfa asddwqe says:

can any1 help me cuz if i try to start the game theres warning:the present resolution of the desktop may affect the efficiency of the game. if its unable to display normally or the efficiency declines,please change the desktop resolution to be a higher one.
and its only black no game

any1 help me plzzz

Yacob Bean says:

if you like what you saw and your going to make a account put this in the Buzz Code:733066

when making account

francis delgado says:

that's not even HALF of all aoe's

anthony865 says:

im a lvl 43 protecter(sword) and i love angels online its the best game ever!!!!!!!

reppamon says:

on forcas im lv 50 almost 51 name is saulpaul an archer with garment armour it pwns

Tony x says:

im lvl 29 on haniel and i need money or train

jonahtsab says:

the aoe IS called thunder get to know the game noob… -.-

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