Angels and Orcs Online #1 | AOO (Now Known as Laurum Online)

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Just watch as my brother attempts to tell me this is rubbish and nobody will watch it. He did the same with Rucoy

This is the First Laurum online video on YouTube.

This game was recently updated and named as Laurum Online


Nonong Ferrer says:

I join party but now i dont know how to leave, anyone?

Broken Sonnet says:

No emulator? You cant play this game well on touchscreen phones, you can only play This game better on PC

P- Gamer says:

Nice video ^^
Post more videos pls xD

Millionaire SerB says:

Very much like rucoy online

Chazonis says:

I play this game for the fun of it and I gotta admit that they did a good job creating the game. although there are bugs that need to be take care of but still a nice game.

RaiderKnight says:

Looks cool i might play it

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