Angels Online – Totem War 726 – Chronos – Isaeus

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sorry for not recording all of it, the lag started getting really bad in the second half. Probably because of too many new players.

MiTiS – Prism


irule10338 says:

Hey its great to see people still playing this game? Can you tell me about the community ? IS it still active or is the game dead? 

Alex'sMusic says:

I'm wondering why you choose swordie this time? ;D
Good pvp by the way, would be cool to play with you perhaps my char is in pegasus, maybe if the server gets to innactive I might move, let's see :)

Aleff Calderon says:

What skill have in f5? O.o

Richard Palma says:

Lightning jab tp. No wonder u won xd

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