Angels Online Totem War

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Angels Online March 2009 Totem War


Cid dy says:

opo.last year pa. 🙂

Cid dy says:

this was my last video 🙂
yep im a retired mage :

Tony x says:

im lvl 35 on haniel need train or oney 😀

Cid dy says:

Yep. :p
for Axe Trap(80 axe aoe)

Sebastián Andrés says:

Thankyes :3!

Cid dy says:

O:00am by Acid (not sure :p)

Sebastián Andrés says:

Name of the song?
And the autor? j1j1j1

jiro4ever says:

and at night for gummmyy<3 lolz jk jk!x.x xD

Cid dy says:

Im semi-retired.Just logging in to attend wars.

Rice Cooker says:

rofl*throws popcorn at cid*nice videoxD

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