Arcade Longplay [437] Cabal

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Played by: ScHlAuChi


Irwan Santoso says:

Oddly This game excites me more than Witcher 3

Tomy Power says:

100% YES! cabal arcade smile snap camera xmus trees g

WanderlustZero says:

18:30 omg, I didn't even know that was possible

dantes peek says:

the best years of games are over. Sometimes its not about graphics or gigabytes

kilroy987 says:

I can't imagine why the guy runs the way he does at the end of each wave, except to answer to the demands that he keep doing what we want him to. Or to keep the mood detached and playful, I have no idea. Still cracks me up though. It speaks a lot to the fun we want to have with friends while playing games. Get back to those headquaters soldier for your next mission! What, no break!?

kilroy987 says:

I really enjoyed playing this game. Somehow the graphics style and color palette used just made it a game I wanted to keep playing and trying to beat at the arcade.

Furantzu says:

This clearly inspired GI Joe arcade's game, it even has the same war inspired theme, just a little bit better and with awesome characters, still this is amazing, especially for the time it was new

AT Productions says:

Thats doofy-as-fuck walk animation XD

dorpth says:

Every arcade that had this game, you were CONSTANTLY hearing that laughing skull on the looping demo screen.

GamerZero says:

I just leveled the enemy base and killed everyone in… wait a second. What the hell is my guy doin'?

swinetastic says:

Amiga version is far superior. And with good music.

Kennedy says:

The music and sounds from the nes version are way better….

Kwaj says:

A pond behind a cottage… nice place for a submarine.

Jarek newbury says:

I like nes version better

StarBoy62 says:

The game that inspired Natsume's Wild Guns on the Super Nintendo.

FrankieTheWop says:

I said "points",  hoah, good god ya'll, what are they good for, absolutely nothin!

Norman G. says:

That laugh… !! 

floony floon says:

that opening! What is up with that crazy skull 🙂

Bunker Knacker says:

Nice one. And better gun sounds than Planetside 2.

Andoc says:

"Just killed dozens of enemy soldiers and destroyed a whole section of a town."
Time to dance.

TheNawaf258 says:

i think that voice need fix that was funny

BloodGuzzler says:

How did the victory dance not become a meme?

Deundre1996 says:

Can you please upload a video on longplay watch dogs bad blood DLC because I really want to see those chicago south club, militia, fixers, and more please.

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