archlord gameplay

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a beautiful video about archlord


Ash of Agni says:

Ish it for linux? or just compatible with wine??? OwO

Cuz if it isn't IM sticking with regnum <.<

warmaxxx says:

song name some1 pm me?

Yuro says:

A realy good game but u are a fucking noob xD

savulovici s andrei says:

snake if u what this pls help me i have a problem in a 5 -6 day i play arch with no problem but now i have a problem look what is say pls help me ——–>>>> client was not able to conect the path server plsease check the list below 1 patch server is curently being checked 2 interned conection 3 please make sure archlord have access trough your firewall pls help me i will help you with money in game you will help me pls

Stef G says:

ehm…cioè nn è per dire qlkosa…ale il vidoe è bello ok…ma SACRILEGIOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLI ETF PER ARCHLORD????omg…..vabbe dai nulla ma kredo k kammy sela sia presa xD è fa un po bene XDTHE WEBS WE WAVE MAH……BOH….CMQ BEL VIDEO

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