Archlord Gameplay Trailer

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Close for all free to play MMORPGs and MMO Games


DoppelDxDfdm says:

240P?!! -.-

Adnane Fortress says:

we need an mmorp like sword arts online! 😀

Thomas says:

did you film this with a potato?

SageFox says:

USA games don't have artistic designs like japan games, asian games in general have some things of the japan games like More poligons concentrated in important characters and detail in them, less on the land,trees , water , mountains etc.. also asian games makes better the monsters too.
In gameplay have another style y ever was like that from japanese games, jump in a mmorpg for … well …just JUMP is no sense and do not look cool, wow for example seems to be too cartoony for me.

valdak3 says:

@Hrko1992 O-M-G saw trailer looks AMAZING too bad I cant find the english page cant read a damn word of it…

valdak3 says:

@Hrko1992 I have played Allods and guild wars , Allods is AMAZING!!! if your looking for a subsitute for WoW go there, or Global Agenda also good game, never heard of Continent of the ninth.

Bethany B says:

People are saying theres alot of bugs in the game.. is that true?

MusicTyphoon says:

this isnt monthly fee though

VentusKinyoubi says:

I see. Thnx for the info. Whats wrong with Asian MMos?

VentusKinyoubi says:

Guild Wars belongs to NCsoft

VentusKinyoubi says:

too..bad thats whats the best right now.

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