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Archlord the mmorpg as a kid, was held by codemasters. This mmorpg when i was a kid was amazing i used to play if everyday as a kid doing fun pk’s seige wars you name it. In this video we play it on a private server and see if still has some fun gameplay.

Game can be played here –

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Zensk1llz TV says:

Leave a comment on what you guys this about this server for archlord ?

Nikkimond says:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I had fun creating weekly events for the community. -Former GM Reivan

jelardo says:

I still miss this game almost everyday, played on brumhartt server in the infamous guild genesis

Wali East says:

My first MMO <3 I still come back every year or so lol

Rafael Jardim says:

damn, this game brings back so many memories…

Michael Hanratty says:

I remember how broken the auction house was, so much money made off of low level runes that other people needed excessive amounts of to make higher tiers. They had so much money but didnt want to go grinding the rng

Topmage says:

I guess this is Alcadia server

Nila says:

So much nostalgia, I still can't find a game as good as Archlord 🙁

真正的粉丝 says:

I still remember that knight are invincible,the critical hit can reach 10000!

Rafael Reis says:

I love This game

Blasquito says:

There are 2 main Archlord servers now. When you asked me, I was talking about Justac server. Alcadia server is more like Webzen: similar exp, drop and p2w. Justac has way higher exp, drop. Choose between them depending on your style.

Justin Y. says:

archlord shutdown?

Michael O'Donoghue says:

Nice video, this server is great just needs a bit of work to become the best rendition (so far) of al

ShaxllazFTW says:

Damn dude, old memories, i remember the time when we was playng together was freaking awesome !


To play, the website for the best private server ever is here :

Good luck =)

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