[Archlord] Ultimate PvP Withered Lv 120 Elementalist

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So this is my greatest video of 1 on 1 PvPs
There’s some things I’d like to mention: I acidentally added a scene where Sot3ric was debuffed with requiem and Broken lagged during our PvPs. I’ll make a 2nd PvP video with new opponents and I’ll add some rematches


Yangdrox David Romero says:

many memories, many moments. It would be good to have it back.

calint123 says:

Why would anyone play this?

Berci Uzcátegui says:

Play archlord justac

Jonas says:

you dont know how to use ele seriously :p

Cloud Strife says:

Wow really cool dude My brother have Sorcer in max lvl

Franjo Budim says:

hahahah warior is viner

Bonjour Pakistan says:

put back archlord 1  plz

lightmeupbuttercup says:

A game where you have to just spam attacks and counters makes for bland combat. This is sooooo bad.

Nobody knows says:

Archlord sucked dick, all the kids who cry about Archlord 2 is because they would rather have a standstill button click game which requires no skill at all, and all you have to do is pump RL cash into the game to be good, which Archlord 2 actually requires skill, and people who don't pay can obtain better gear endgame then fucktards who do pay 😉

Marildo Kustura says:

stand still and spam, virtually who has better gear wins. boring games

Tehasce says:

nice clicking bro

Vladan Mladenovic says:

can he download now

Vladan Mladenovic says:

who is this archlord
i never see him

Alexfrizzbomb says:

know nothing about the game but u are static as fuck how is it a dule if ur not moving. no skill involved just button bashing.

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