Asheron's Call 2 – Final Two Hours Before Shutdown

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They took our world away. Join me for the last moments.
There’s nothing exciting to see here. We even run Osteth Master Vault and Chaos Eidolon a few minutes before shutdown!

Thanks for the lovely years, my friends.

For the record, my characters were Tysis, Sytis, Ralia, Turious, Nelson, Derfenherf, Tumorhead, Uurrgghh, and Mindflare. I took video of each of them, but probably won’t Youtube it.


Notir072 says:

I miss this game so much ! Someone do Something to bring it back pleeeaaase !!! :'(

Stefan Sipola says:

Still makes me sad tbh. I have never been in a gaming community that was this nice. The first time I logged in there was actually someone waiting who showed me around the world, taught me the ropes and in the end of course offered me to pledge my allegiance. It was amazing and I stuck with them for all my time in AC2, never encountered that in any other MMO tbh.

Thomas s says:

I remember when the ATI 9700 pro (r300) was launched and Asheron's Call 2 was one of the heavily mentioned games when pushing the card.

Awrini says:

holy hell, didn't expect to run into you on YouTube.

covvy says:

Still the best player musical instrument implementation of any MMO with all the synchronised player instruments (listen 1:55:30 onwards). Such a great community and atmosphere. A flawed gem sorely missed.

James Buchanan says:

I miss that intro music so much!


VERY GOOD GAME i didn't play long but never found one as good

Alex Mokbel says:

Love the music. Does anyone know where I can find the soundtracks? I have looked everywhere… I just want the continental sounds and music .. Osteth.. Omnishan… Linvak.. please, anyone?

Mr Holistic says:

Playing skyrim special edition again. Skyrim Together mod on its way. See you there!!!

Mr Holistic says:

Soul Reaver was there the last day. Couldnt stay till very end. Still sad that it's gone:( Hope discord stays away from this game. They sell your info. I am for fos type voips like mumble etc. Put the word out.

Hal Midwinter says:

i wonder if Operant Conditioning negative behavior reinforcement will be deployed to prevent this ever coming back… good games are hard to find, operant conditioning is easy to find. <3 wake up out of love with good games. permanently. call it just life. good games were the past. haha.

James P says:

Good times in 2002, gankin ppl in the Palisades with my guild Assholes of Dereth. When I quit I had about 15 pet tyrants or some ridiculous number and they would instantly fry anyone who portaled in immediately


So sad. I've always loved the atmosphere in this game. There's absolutely no other MMO like it. Since it came back a few years ago I kept thinking about returning but it seems I've missed my chance :'(

TheAstrius says:

Good game, atmospheric I hope you guys and the Spellborn community get a game we can fking play, god damn WOW clones all over the place.

inkey2 says:

NOTE: very sad, noted

Notir072 says:

I was there !    ..  so sad  :'(

Nedemai says:

I missed this and now I'm sitting here kicking myself…

Daniel Bowman says:

Wish I could have been there.

Hadn't played in years but planned to go to my very first mule spot in ~2000. 19.1N 63.1E outside of Eastham, between two rocks.

RIP server.

Anyone that knew me please get in touch!!!

-Viper the Saint / Shadefire

Forest Dutch says:

Yeh sad day, great to watch. End is very sad:(

christopher miletich says:

Hey, Thanks for recording this. I couldn't be at shutdown cause of work. Damn near cried watching it go down.

-Huma Dragonbane
-Luca Brasi

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