Asheron's Call 2018: Frozen Fury Quest

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A slow crawl walk-thru to complete the Frozen Fury Quest for 37.5M XP in the Asheron’s Call Emulator.

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Delphi Dark says:

I killed my first 126 at level 67.
2001 was legit

undefined02 yep says:

I judge all MMOs on this game as well it was one the greatest games I've ever played zen ren from TD

Political Chickens says:

Great video for a fun quest. I also run Vanilla and this time around, didn't use a buff bot or join a fellowship before lvl 100. instead of power leveling, I went through each of the quests. even missing much of the content in emu, there's always something new I discover every time I play. Best game of all time.

Chknegg I
Husband/patronq of Megasaurus

jasontube22 says:

Best game of all time. Waiting for a VR MMO based on AC to eventually come out and dominate the gaming industry.

TheRealNeckTat says:

How would one download this emulator?

wesrt north says:

What server is this on? reefcull?

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