Asheron's Call Fresh Start

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Making a New Character Using No Buff bots, No Items from my Higher Character’s, No Help From Anyone What So Ever. Just showing How Hard Asheron’s Call Was At launch.


Draugo says:

I played from launch right until around 2004 or so when they revamped loot and made it boring. When Olthoi started to drop apples and simple gear there was no excitement in grinding anymore.

hgfhgghj says:

lol i remember playing thinking 229 burden was normal for awhile

nuanil says:

Loved this game right from beta 0, it lost a lot when they removed spell experimentation.

Christoper Putt says:

You really wanna play it to show the difficulty back then? Make an archer who didnt get melee d til high level.

anton bacon says:

You can remove the pumpkin buffer weenie.

anton bacon says:

Can't realy play old school any more magic was hard to learn you did not get spells as you leveled up you had to research with tapers and spell components or find scrolls. But bots realy ruined the game. Its be nice if there was an old school server. Sneak attack did exist

Fendran M says:

The first Olthoi pincer Dungeon has no level restriction. I don’t know why more people don’t just go there to hit lvl 10

wesrt north says:

Game is totally easy mode since 2002ish. 1997-2000 (darktide) game was fun as hell. Join Hightide (the live pvp server)

Trilla Killa says:

sexy video, thanks.

Fred Garvin says:

Anyone remember taking apples from the ground near Holtburg and buying leather goods to fight the drudges?

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