Asheron's Call: Last 13 hours and the End (Part 2)

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Not quite sure why this didnt go through the first time.


SquareOFortune says:

I loved this game so hard. I actually wrote (and never finished) a 12-chapter novela about the adventures shared in Dereth by my many toons, my friends' characters, and my guild-mates (link for anyone nostalgic for AC: ). This video brought back all the emotions I felt when I found out the servers were being shut down for good, and watching your experience in the last moments of the world of AC was cathartic; hit me with the feels, man. ='(

w1ldyy b34st says:


MidnightFireHuntress says:

My favorite online game got shut down a few years back (Super Monday Night Combat) it helped me through a lot of bad times and when they announced they were shutting down I was…ruined, stay strong.

lowpinglag says:

I was there on the Yanshi rock, when the server closed down. I cried for 20 minutes, so many memories

Tirolus says:

Thanks for sharing this video and memories. Thank you bro.

Ruko Fiber says:

With fear I waiting that hour when Sanctum will fall and I lose my cleric.

jason Z says:

love the video bro, started playing AC in i think 2000 prob 6 months before they added the housing expansion. no game can even compare to AC all the way to today's games. the game was so open to your own creativity. i remember at the beginning around year 2000 you where not allowed to change your stats,you had to actually learn spells, they didn't even have trade notes yet. it was all pyreals . there where never portal storms but man the lag when there where too many people in town was crazy. i was using a 56k modem at the time which i'm sure most other people where as well at that time. at least i got to play one more time before they shut down the server. AC is the best game ever. you wouldn't understand if you never played it before. again love the vid you brought back a lot of memories ………

Davide Candiani says:

TAKATOKA Write meeeee!

wesrt north says:

The emulated servers are really awesome. I just recently started again on Hightide. So much fun. I always did 75% of my gaming SOLO anyways. Feels great to be back. There are some bugs but omg. so much fun to be had right now. People trading in chat. talking smack. having fun. pvping. pveing. questing. Check it out. follow the simple steps on the site.

A man's Journeys says:

I was drippyfacet in the game

Raaar1 says:


soundofmouse says:

Damn imagine how emotional people will get when the actual world ends

Is mayonnaise an instrument? says:

That's actually really sad tbh. I know that my favourite MMO isn't going anywhere for a long time because it's WoW lol But I have, knocking 14 years in that game and I can't imagine how painful it'd be to say goodbye to it and never be able to play it again.

Todd Jolly says:

At the museum, the Eye of the Depths is extremely old. Came out around the Martine storyline.

GamexFr34k says:

Good times man – Night Shot, we really did a number on the thunder turkey

Brendan Beauchamp says:

don't ever feel bad for cryin a part of me died when they shut this game down my favorite game of all time, I didn't even get to enjoy the last moments my friend called me and told me it was shut down and it was like take a punch to the gut… I hope it can somehow come back I really do

Mr.Gamer says:

Man, this is terrible. I never even got to play the game, but seeing this and other's people's pain makes me sad. Maybe the devs could give the server files over to someone willing to host a server?

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