Asheron's Call Quests Ep. 2: Aerlinthe Start to Finish

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Knocked out the Lady Aerfalle Quest, from start to finish in less than an hour! — Watch live at


Lowman Highman says:

Great job mate, I think a few will need this as the resurrected AC has taken off, I don't know when it got going again, but its like catching up with a long lost friend lol

Dividend Reaper says:

Man this makes me miss this game so much. RIP AC.

Bleex says:


Ans L says:

I ran this today. Brought back many memories. I was one of the first few to get to AE when it first came out. I farmed those coral golems until level 70 lmfao.

Phyrexian Newborn says:

I was hoping you would do video on the Sword of Lost Light with full infusion.

shindhi says:

Thanks Bob, was wanting to do this quest for the blackfire stone that you get with the uber version, but couldn't remember my way through the keep. This video will be helpful!

joe vaglio says:

Brought back some
Great memories , thanks

Nicholas says:

Awesome! this brings back some memories. I remember running this so much with my guild. All your videos make me wanna start playing again!

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