Asheron’s Call: The Emulator Is Happening

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I got the current build of ACE working, wanted to show it off.

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Beast Mode says:

i cant find where to log in at, or where to download your server.  I'm using phat ac launcher btw

sixtherapper says:

this is awsome keep it up..hope u guys get to at least where we can cast we can pvp….

Papa Momotte says:

You have my full support, Bob. Thanks for the time and effort !

Mog The Magnificent says:

Very nice for a basic project, shame there are no npc's, no critter database, no story board database, no quest databases or item databases. Just a map and a character builder. Still you can now create an entirely different game call it something else and recycle the old stuff.

sugarrayfly says:

fantastic news, thanks!

Brian Patton says:

If people are going thru the hassle of re creating the game then they should update the graphics

MootRed says:

where have you been my whole life?!

Mitchell Terry says:

Bob — what type of hardware reqs are we looking at for end state public. Unfortunately im not a developer but I'm solid on the systems and networking. Looking to help any way I can

RisvoldTheGreat says:

hey bob, is this the emulator from aka steves webpage? i was able to get in game few days ago but now the viles wont connect. how often is the server online? or is there multiple?

futality of darktide.

Kyle Wilson says:

have you looked at drudgedance's videos of his uas2 server from 2014 i think,

Sub-Ohm Addict says:

Make me tear up why don't ya. Great info. Keep us posted.

J Gaskill says:

I have NEVER clicked a video so fast in my life. Thanks for the update, this is amazing.

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