[ASMR] Ramblescape (Old School Runescape Gameplay)

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A suggestion for something nostalgic for me + a suggestion for another gameplay video = …


Twewyable says:

[ASMR] Relaxing Armor Trimming

sharpy says:

Hopefully you don't get scammed for a hat in this video

Saluted says:

Hey great video, just subscribed and liked the video. Can't wait for more!! :)

AfterOwls says:

This channel keeps getting better! You're such a wonderful person, keep doing what you're doing c:

Ben Irvin says:

Please please, PLEASE make another WoW walkabout video! I've gone back to that one countless times cuz its like my ultimate sleeping pill. If you have an active subscription I would love to see another one of those!

Danovan Area says:

I'm not sure if I'm "gloomy" because it's a asmr video, or cuz I miss the Old school runescape lol
Nice video anyway, You got a new subscriber!

Guido Sanchez says:

Omg you Did the nostalgia gaming thing! <3

ASMR SharpShooter says:

man, I haven't touched runescape in years. what I liked about it is that it wasn't always a frantic and explosive game. it kinda let itself breath, and that's what I liked about it. Out of random curiosity, what is your opinion on Dark Souls? I adore it, but I just wanted to know how you felt of it. Good video!

Bolt Chaser says:

A great installment as always. Can't wait to see what you'll have next.

DongExpansionPak says:

Ooh, a long one. Guess i'll be doing some work to this. Nice work as usual.

Estacuenta Nodeberiaexistir says:

New video,Yay!

Kelzo CrabKing says:

It would've been amazing if you edited in an Unregistered Hypercam 2 watermark

hampa says:

omg i love runescape! Nice

SugaryFrisbee says:

this is random lol, i never thought yo'd play Runescape XD

Asmblargh Asmr says:

I uploaded this two days ago but had connection troubles during, and youtube was nice enough not to tell me the video was broken up until now! As always, such a solid website.

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