ASMR Runescape Gameplay Pt. II | Lily Whispers ASMR

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Thumps up for virtual meet-up in RuneScape??? 😉 – sorry about my computer’s fan!

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xPetkovski says:

This game is shit XD

Ivan Sarić says:

why are u whispering ? its so creepy

Maestro Todopoderoso says:

"this area's full of noobs" and then kills a goblin ….

Aubreebree says:

Would you ever do an old school runescape video?
I love your makeup ASMRs and this was nicetoo, but I play a ton of OSRS and would love to see the same thing for it!

you don't know me FU says:

your not batman, bitch!

Chris Beane says:

I love these Runescape ASMR vids, so great

Golda Smith says:

I love runescape so please do more of these videos. This video has been putting me to sleep for the last few days.

ASMR Unboxing says:

Play alongs are so relaxing like this!!

jacob says:

can you make me a cake please?

Guilherme Lopes says:

do OSRS please

Freddy Linthicum says:

this video confirms it….I'm in love w you

Buckshot says:


Captain says:

I can trim your armor for free 🙂

mugger says:


Mahan says:

wooaahh..this takes me back.

Sam Kerridge says:

please use the general exchange, not the shops 🙂

ShirleyPurleyNL says:

Take the bones ans bury them for Prayer lollll love this video

Jayson Bamba says:

Play sims @lilywhispers

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