Bajheera – WILDSTAR: Revisiting the Nexus – Warrior Gameplay & Discussion

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Sup guys! 😀 Got a chance to check out Wildstar again and wanted to share some of the fun with you! 😀 Even though I don’t play a TON of Wildstar, I do think it is definitely one of the best Free to Play MMORPG games out there & recommend you give it a try! 🙂

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Lichmorge says:

First, Bajheera doesn't strike me as the kind of Youtuber that really needs to take a sponsorship from Carbine. He's not even close to the top paid youtuber but I'd say he's pretty well known.

Second, Wildstar is pretty good. It had a HORRIBLE launch. And it now has a really poor leveling experience. Everyone who plays is lvl 50, so 1-50 sucks unless you play with friends. I do like that the content seems much more endless than WoWs current content. It also has some pretty big free patches, which is kinda crazy to think about considering the number of devs they have.

The cons, a lot of issues already stated in many of the other comments. I also get tired of having to try hard when I want to be lazy in the combat from time to time. I also think they need to take a look at balancing a little more, but every game suffers from this.

JelloCrave says:

Just downloaded Wildstar today (Saturday, August 6th 2016) and the community is PACKED full, alive, and the world is amazing.
The ONLY mmo to win me over as a die-hard WoW fan. I will be playing this when my sub runs out, or whenever WoW gets boring.
I'd love to see more wildstar videos from you Bajheera!

R Haydon says:

yo Bajheera, i recently bought a corsair scimitar mouse, and it doesnt work with Wildstar very well. I was wondering if you had any problems with it? thanks.

Red Vort3x says:

It's far more innovated the WOW imo especially the combat and the amazing raids and dungeons.

PowderedToastMan says:

I can't believe how incredibly scripted this is… I almost thought it was a joke for a second.

Raz says:

:3 I hope we get to see you play Arenas and Warplots at some point in the future, that would be sick!

twistedmethod47 says:

i loved playing wildstar played it from the launch for quite sometime i was top 10 us guild to clear first raid and was top 20 first max lvl medic +p on my server i was third medic attuned for raiding loved the game the gameplay and the raiding the thing that killed it for me was the early fuck ups that people exploited and didnt get punished for inside of pvp and pve then the OUTRAGE of hackers there were really ruined the pve experiance so much to a point where i couldnt even farm rares or ore to craft cause there was teleport and speed hacking bots that took it all…..the game had a very faulty launch which caused all my friends to leave its why i stepped away and havent went back….now mostly cause its free to play and the game was also lowered in difficulty to progress which all in all killed it….went from good content that took effort to complete to good content that held your hand tell raids before nerf it made you EARN your attunement to step foot into raids which the attunement took two days to do with solid players that learned and worked well as a team

Z0MbeeZz says:

…so this is a commercial……

Rukia Hentai says:

I tried to play wildstar when it was released but they don't even let the 'rogue' class use daggers. Instantly killed it for me lol, visuals are extremely importing when playing my character. I've used daggers on rogue/assassin class since I started MMOs.

AntriX says:

Lol they actually paid him to do the video. Pathetic! This game is trying soooo hard to get out of the grave but it's been six feet under for too long!

AdventuRide says:

Great video. Good way to kill time until Legion comes out.

Chalupa Batman says:

i know many people are gonna hate on these type of videos cause oh its sponsored by wildstar and carbine they are just paying to say nice things
but honestly wildstar is a very good mmo and for a f2p mmo it has….as much content as paid games and it does make me sad it didn't last outside the initial surge of any new mmo cause i think the quality of content is perfect for those hardcore players

Chalupa Batman says:

how many youtubers did wildstar reach out to, starting to see these "sponsored" videos to talk about their game past few days now

Hallowjin says:

people saying that he played the game before, everyone played this game when it came out, people are pointing out that Wildstar is trying to be revived

William Wilburn says:

I was playing wow for a bit to see what all had changed since i left.. Wildstar killed housing for me period.. those garrisons are the biggest piles of housing shit an mmo ever put out there. But surprisingly I did like ashran even though a lot of players hate it.. i had some fun there..But that housing bug to build cool stuff pulled me back to wildstar.

Rhonn says:

Wildstar is a great option to play until Legion comes out. I can play WoD, sitting in garrison and thinking why did i even pay, or play some other, extremely fun mmo, not a hard choice :D

Ventus4544 says:

you know well that you aren't gonna play wildstar with legion coming out lol

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