Blade And Soul First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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Blade And Soul is a highly anticipated MMORPG with a lot of hype currently set for a western release in 2016, I managed to get on the Russian servers to check it out, from what I’ve seen so far the game has some interesting features and an amazing combat system as well as a lot of things that need work, In this video I condense 7 hours of gameplay into 27 minutes and give you a mini review of my thoughts at the end, is Black And Soul (B&S) on PC worth playing? leave a comment below!

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In this video I try out a free to play MMORPG set for release in the west in 2016 called Blade And Soul on PC which is based on a Japanese anime called Blade and soul, Blade And Soul is an MMO that has generated a lot of hype in the west due to It’s very impressive action combat system, despite this being a great aspect of the game I found a lot of things that put me off playing the game further I played Blade And Soul on the Russian Servers for around 7 hours and condensed my thoughts and experiences into about 27 minutes, Could Blade And Soul be a good alternative to World of Warcraft or other MMORPGs? Watch the video until the end and make up your own mind.

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Blade And Soul First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


Random Sweet Otaku Girl says:

" she will teach you combo's and stuff"

no hate tho, your nice

FinalKeepss says:

About the FPS I dont expect this but I think your PC is shit. I literally have an ASUS G11CD which is probably the more lower priced ASUS gaming PC's which is kind of trash. But it can somehow handle any area in the game

Dr. Pheel says:

Back when I first got this game, I spent 2 hours making my character look like Lightning Farron to the best of my ability. Was it worth it? I still don't know

Andrew Zmarlak says:

This game has come so far lol, some of the best voice acting in a game and its from Korea LOL.

Noel Siah says:

y am i not surprise u end up making an ugly beard caveman

Takanashi Rikka says:

Blade & Soul, has the most satisfying and deep combat system in any mmorpg. And that's not a personal opinion, its a fact! But the endgame is really grindy and WILL become repedetive at some point. But for me the PvP makes up for it! 🙂 Been playing since Beta and i still am far away from mastering the damage combos and the movement utility of all the classes.

Thomas Garixk says:

blade and soul is originaly made in korea
after BnS has open in JP they made an anime for it tho.

Jeremy Ward says:

Do you actually know any other word besides fuck?? SMH

HeronOfHeaven says:

Dude, it seems like Kung Fu movies and anime aren't your thing

Trosenses says:

soo when are you honna try it again?

Sumit Patel says:

xD fuck psychics

Ultima Nova says:

fuck off I thought you select a fucking girl

The Gamers says:

is it free?

Xx Cady xX says:

Is this free?

Timi Tugs says:

why not upgrade hongmoon weapon?

Troy boi says:

your pc have lag not the game you idiot , i dont have lag

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