Blade and Soul KR – Lv 60 Archer Gameplay

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Azoz says:

does this class have 100% crit rate?

Eximius - RPG says:

Oh that hair. Can't wait till it comes out.

Zsarynika Tschetter says:

Not sure this video is showing an Archer's skills very well, coz if this is it then…. ?! o.0

CHRIS S says:

Does anybody know when this comes out on the european server(s)? I wanted this from the beginning, so I can't wait. Pls tell me x.c

One Random Guy says:

Her skills look boring af…

Vesper Peri says:

Of course she have stealth mode,,wait what?!seriously?

Maru Kiddo says:

Called Archer, using a long ass bow but the class' attack range is close as hell. Should've let them equip a pair of daggers and call them Ranger, would be more accurate

上官轩 says:


Dio Brando says:

This looks like shit tbh

ʜᴜsʜʙʟᴀᴅᴇ says:

time to save up money for archer release eu :3

ChizuAmori says:

Would be nice if people make a videó like this, they maaaybe move the camera or rorate, press ctrl + x or something, cuz this is not really enyojable in this way.

Hao Le says:

Nah!! I'm stick with my Gun

Tcheco Lee says:

The best archers for me still the ones from Perfect World you even had to buy or craft arrows.

Neferpitou Dono says:

this is top dps?

Mini Quách says:

Hmm, seem like it ping depend alot like shadow gunner

Mochi Moji says:

no lyn archer? this be sad Q – Q

Buggiboi13 says:

I had to stop watching before I end up buying a Korean acc.

Harper Harry says:

Lyn archer coming soon….
( cuz if they release Lyn arc early then most arc will be lyn )

jayson aresta says:

I got my lvl 60 voucher! but I will not use it! it's more fun if I start at lvl 1! i really miss the adventure and questing 😀 excited to play in NA/EU

Linmei Muyi says:

on what ping u play this ?

Spamurai says:


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