[Blade and Soul] Review: Worth Playing in 2019?

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My thoughts on the state of the game and whether or not it is worth picking up in 2019
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neuspeed79 says:

Lag and Soul

Lonnie Wright says:

The game could be amazing if only it had enough…flavor to it's meat, for lack of any fitting phrasing. It has everything that should make it a great game, but it's just not. It's shallow, honestly.

Aion, while questionable in some aspects, has depth in it's content, story, and social environment.

FF14, while questionable in some aspects, has depth in it's design and lore.

Jasper Jones says:

Anyone else only buy premium just for vault anywhere :,)

SoichiChan says:

I solo everything …. warden is trash unless you like tons of health with shield

Yitsume Shido says:

I've been playing B&S since closed beta and for awhile was on it everyday grinding, questing, doing raid after raid after raid and dungeon's etc. But A few months ago I called it quits. at first for a little while and now for good, can't do it…nope. The reason. Is because it got to serious, and to boring at least for me anyway. The amount of money you have to spend just have good gear or upgrade can be painful if you can't afford it, but I could and still got sick of it. Your making this vid after playing for two years. Try playing as long as I have and then see if it's still worth playing. The community is bad now. not like when it first came out when everyone was just killing it, but in a fun way and not all serious and shit, being mad disrespectful to people and just plain rude. Having some wanna be pro's ( LOL Yea I had to say that ) try to down grade everyone else cause they think they shit, but they gear ain't wroth a dam . Anyway. honestly the game is good and still has some interesting points to it, but unless you looking to spend a shit load of money to play catch up or like raiding like crazy etc ..find another game or prepare to go straight ape shit at the game and damn near every player in it. Oh and make sure to have tissue , a cig and a drink….Trust me you will need it. Lmao. ( FYI I didn't need any of those things . . .well maybe a shot every now and then to stay sane …ahahahaha) .

Anna POR Ai says:

This game should be optimized ,even the best PC EVER IN THE WORD can handle this game!it is soooo lagged

Narra Ator says:

Hey comments:
I want to play an MMO with a good emphasis on fun, fair, and at least somewhat stylish PvP combat. Since the video had a player without a lot of PvP experience, what did you guys think of it?

Zsarynika Tschetter says:

Love this game and been playing for 5 years now. I enjoyed levelling and often restarts a character (deletes one) to see what has happened to the overall game so far. Firstly they removed the "blues clues" a while back which left vast areas of wasteland in the game. Even removed some link quests that make people go "WTF?!" to get from one point to the other. Costs of upgrades and the amount of stray/redundant items are confusing. Are heaps of dead achievements now! The story and combat system are what I love about this game, but is so badly edited in places is hard to follow. Recent new content is kinda back on track but a bit meh… Was excited about playing – now I am disappointed. Thinking of learning Japanese to watch the Series….

Lord Metallium says:

i started to play it once again this week and yes greeders taking the game completely, weak players like me getting kicked out of nowhere, i mean people need to help others but no your not a cashers your not OP GTFO from the group rule.

Cassie Hack says:

I love how smooth your PC runs it.

The Player One says:

This game needs to be optimized,it's freaking laggy

X-Tii says:

Blade and soul. I can say it was and is kinda fun for me. I can remember some things from playing the game at beta. Or 2016 don't know if it's the same time, but it was way harder to level up. Now even since the newest patch now, you level up from beginning to level 30 for example (so much faster as I speak and remember.) I play guild wars 2 too. But Blade&Soul catches my attention. I'm a noob though.^^ Had positive experience back than but leveling was hard for me. The comments are right. I love the game.
It depends which class you play therefore it can be easier or more difficult for newbies like me. With that being said. Try out the game. See for yourself. The graphics and the game for me at least are actually good. The characters are changeable to details. The classes are so much more now. The ingame is so much easier and more simple with less tasks. So in short. Download it. Have a state of mind that is called 'open mind' and the rest might follow.
In short: yes it is playable but for farming is just no fun. With the new patch it could have been made easier. Instead it seems for me harder now.

Question: Why do they focus on Mobile bns? Will the original blade and soul dissapear?

Carlos Matta . P says:

Disculpe la ignorancia :v cuando llega a North America ????

Thymester says:

1:00 -> 1:14

Black Desert Online = 10000% better in terms of combat

Minh Dang says:

Happiest days with this game has gone far away and will never comeback. At this stage, the game is dead, not like corpse but zombie. Still trying to move and maintain somehow but rotting until nothing left at the same time. Its core was very good but not enough to deny many of its negative sides.

slash says:

hmm wow and was thinking of joining my friends in this game who started btw but now I refuse

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